10 Tips To Stay Fit Over Christmas Written by Matt Paterson Dec 15, 2020
10 Tips To Stay Fit Over Christmas

Staying in shape over Christmas & the holiday can be a challenge, but by following our Top 10 Tips To Stay Fit Over Christmas you are going to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed in the New Year!

10 Tips To Stay Fit Over Christmas

| Dec 15, 2020
Published by Matt Paterson

10 Tips To Stay Fit Over Christmas 

Christmas time is a season when many people give up on their fitness goals. They just decide that December is too challenging, and they’ll get back on track in the new year. 

Unfortunately, if you wait until January you’ll find that you’re further behind than you expect. It’s difficult to undo those bad habits and lose the kg's you put on over the holiday season. Instead, follow these ten tips to stay fit over Christmas.

Your New Year’s body will thank you!

1. Use Moderation in Food Choices

There’s no reason to completely ignore the Christmas goodies that make the season so fun. However, if you want to stay healthy, you’ll need to eat them in moderation. Trying to have no goodies at all will generally lead you to rebel and overeat. 

If you’re at a party, consider grabbing just one snack and drink. From there, stick with water and look for healthy ways to nosh. You’ll enjoy the season without overindulging, and it will be much easier to stay healthy.

2. Stay in Your Routine

It can seem like the entire month of December is nothing but sweets and food, but in reality, the parties and events are occasional. The rest of the time, you can stick to your normal eating and exercise routines. 

Staying in the good habits you form the rest of the year can help you stay on track even during the Christmas season. Plus, you don’t have to re-create good habits in January!

3. Make a Strategy

While most days — even in December — are just “the usual”, there are more temptations than usual. You might encounter more rich food brought in by coworkers, additional offers of cookies from neighbours, and more.

Create a strategy for how you can enjoy these things sparingly. There’s no reason to be a grinch, but you can keep things limited to stay in shape. The key is to know ahead of time how you’ll respond and what you’ll do.

4. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water not only keeps you hydrated and healthy, but it can also help you avoid feeling hungry. When you drink water it keeps your stomach more full, which can make those sweet treats less appealing.  

Drinking water also helps your muscles stay limber and your skin stay hydrated, both of which are important during the cold, dry days of winter. Enough water will help you avoid injuries and look fresh all season!

5. Be Flexible With Your Workout Routine

If you typically have a strict fitness regime, now is the time to be a bit more flexible. Parties come up, social gatherings will interrupt your day & some days you may just not feel like it. However, the best workout is the one you completed, not the one you skipped and never made up for. 

Try training on a different day, different time or different location if you are away.

6. Eat Before You Leave the House

Whether you’re going on a shopping trip or heading to a party, consider having a healthy snack before you leave home. This will help you avoid being tempted by unhealthy food when you’re out and about.

When you’re not at home, it can be hard to find healthy eating options. Head off the trouble by eating first while still leaving room to enjoy a small treat if you wish. If you’re out longer than expected, you won’t have to give in to a drive-through.

7. Don’t Skip Breakfast

You might think you can make up for a previous night’s indulgence by skipping breakfast. Unfortunately, this sets you up for failure during the day. Because you’re hungry and haven’t had healthy food to start the day, you’re more susceptible to temptation later.

Don’t worry about the previous day — start your morning on the right foot and focus on making today a success. With that approach, you’ll be able to give your best every day instead of continually trying to make up for mistakes.

If you are really struggling with eating breakfast, try having a protein shake instead. While not optimal, we still recommend having a protein shake over skipping breakfast altogether. 

8. Be Careful With Alcohol

The holiday season can be a time when people drink more alcohol than they normally would. What you might not realise is that alcohol contains a lot of calories. These calories are considered “empty” since they don’t contribute to your daily nutritional intake.

Drinking can also lower your inhibitions, causing you to make poor decisions about your food, fitness, and other issues. If you do drink during the holidays, make sure you’re accountable and don’t overindulge.

We are a massive advocate of enjoying yourselves over the holidays and letting your hair down, however if you trying to not stray too far off the track, just be mindful of how much alcohol you are consuming. 

If you have had a big night and have woken up with a hangover, our secret elixir is having some Green Tea first thing in the morning. This is naturally rich in anti-oxidants to help cleanse your body and get you back to feeling great fast.

9. Find Active Ways to Enjoy the Holiday

Christmas has a lot of traditional, fun activities involved. One way to enjoy the holiday and stay fit is to find active ways to enjoy these traditions. For instance, if you love Christmas music, why not dance to it? If you enjoy Christmas lights, walk around the neighborhood to look at them instead of driving.

The more active you can be over the Christmas season, the more fit you will be in the new year.

10. Plan Meals Ahead of Time

Christmas time can be very busy. Avoid the “no time takeout” trap by planning your meals ahead. This might mean preparing meals you can put in the freezer and cook when you get home from work. You might also create a meal plan and shop for specific ingredients so you have exactly what you need.

You can also plan quick and easy healthy food. Low-calorie soup can be perfect for cold winter days and is easy to throw together. Take time to look up recipes and give them a try!

You Can Stay Fit Over Christmas

Many people think they have no choice but to look like Santa during Christmas. That’s not the case! Using these ten helpful tips, you can stay healthy and fit even over the holidays.

It just takes a bit of moderate indulgence, choosing to stick to your routine most of the time, and planning ahead for challenges that might arise.  

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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