3-Whey by Evolve | Protein Blend - Genesis Review! Written by Customer Care May 22, 2019
3-Whey by Evolve | Protein Blend - Genesis Review!

3-Whey by Evolve is a super high-quality protein blend delivering you hours or muscle growing goodness. 3 WHEY provides additional protein to the diet of people who undertake high levels of weight training, sport or physical activity or those people following high protein diets to improve satiety. 3-Way is High Protein Low Carb and Low Fat, making is perfect for everyone.

Genesis Review - 3-Whey by Evolve | Protein Blend

Supplement review | May 22, 2019
Published by Customer Care
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What is 3-Whey by Evolve?

3-Whey by Evolve is 32g of the highest quality Whey Protein Isolate, Concentrate and Calcium Caseinate, Rich in Branch Chain Amino Acids and L-Glutamine making it the ultimate All-round protein shake. 3 WHEY’s specific ingredient blend is designed to deliver immediate and sustained amino nutrition through the utilisation of fast and slow absorption proteins. 3-Whey

How does 3-Whey Work?

3-Whey by Evolve works by delivering immediate and sustained amino nutrition through the utilisation of fast and slow absorption proteins. Keeping your body fuelled with protein is critical to reaching your muscular potential. The combination of WPI and WPC provides a naturally high concentration of branch chain amino acids while Calcium Caseinate Breaks down slowly releasing amino acids to help maintain positive nitrogen balance over a prolonged period. 

What are the benefits of taking 3-Whey?

  • Fast recovery 
  • Increased strength 
  • 32 G of protein per serve
  • Low Carb 
  • Low fat 

Our Thoughts:

Team Genesis loves 3-Whey by Evolve is perfect for anyone looking to increase overall protein consumption, use as a meal replacement or for your post workout shake. Due to its steady release of amino acid rich nutrients after consumption, 3-Way covers all bases. Whether you’re looking for a great tasting shake to slam down after hitting the gym, something to tide you over between lunch and dinner Genesis Approved! 

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