By maintaining an optimal metabolism you are keeping your calorie expenditure at its peak. The more calories burned by your metabolism means less work on the treadmill. A peak metabolic rate will also help to minimise the storage of fat on your stomach, hips and thighs. If your metabolism is in high gear, it will burn the extra calories instead of storing them as fat!

You can’t exactly eat anything you like and still tone up and lose weight. In fact, you need to eat the right healthy foods and exercise to keep your metabolism fast and avoid peaks and lulls.

There are a few ways to get your metabolism to speed up. Don’t give up and always stay consistent with your new nutrition and exercise plans. Once you find the best way to improve your body and metabolism, it will become a healthy habit!

5 tips you can follow to supercharge your metabolism:

  1. Drink plenty of water. The moment you are even a little dehydrated, your blood will thicken, literally slowing down circulation and making you feel sluggish. So drink plenty of water to keep it flowing at its peak. How much should you drink? At least 2-3L per day to keep your body hydrated, revitalised, help your body to flush out toxins and waste products and if you didn’t know, water can make you feel fuller = less hungry!! A big dose first thing in the morning is great to get everything kick-started and the blood flowing.

  2. Replace one to two meals with a super lean protein shake. This will boost your metabolism by 25%! It will give your body the nutrition that it needs to stay healthy and burn fat. Breakfast is very important when looking to optimise your metabolism. After sleeping the digestive system will remain in a sleep state until you BREAK-FAST and eat. Always look for a high-quality whey protein shake with low carbs and minimal fat, keeping calories under 150 per serving and protein at around 25 grams. Protein is what keeps us satisfied, so helps avoid snacking too! 

  3. Eat green vegetables! Eating green vegetables will keep you fuller for longer, they will make your body burn fat just while digesting! Don’t we all want that!? Try green beans, snow peas and broccoli. Dip in salsa for lean eating – not creamy dips! Salsa actually doesn’t have any carbs or sugar so you don’t have to feel guilty

  4. Fill up on fibre. Not eating enough fibre can destroy your diet. Fibre keeps us feeling fuller for longer. Try adding a serving of psyllium husk to your protein shake to keep you feeling full, plus it makes the shake thicker! It doesn’t have any flavour and it is really easy to have. 

  5. Workout smart! To get the most from any aerobic training program, it is best to plan the intensity, time, and duration to ensure a sufficient training effect. Try incorporating some interval training, medium-high intensity to shock your body, burn fat and speed up your metabolism. A big session in the weights room can also provide a lasting boost to the metabolism.

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