Animal Flex by Universal Nutrition | Complete Joint Support Stack - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Apr 16, 2019
Animal Flex by Universal Nutrition | Complete Joint Support Stack - Genesis Review!

Continual progression is the purpose behind Animal Flex, with Universal Nutrition dedicated to ensuring you can continue to train and improve year after year.

Genesis Review - Animal Flex by Universal Nutrition | Complete Joint Support Stack

Supplement review | Apr 16, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Animal Flex by Universal Nutrition?

With the classic “pak” style of other Universal Nutrition products, Animal flex is different from other joint formulas because it is a one-a-day dose. Simply grab a pack, take the tablets inside it, and away you go! With the ingredients, Animal Flex contains doing amazing things for joint lubrication, support, and repair, you can expect your joints to thank you for taking care of them, while they allow you to lift more as you grow!

How does Animal Flex by Universal Nutrition work?

Animal Flex works with a triple-pronged approach, increasing the lubrication within the joint, while helping to reduce swelling and inflammation, and promoting recovery and repair! Out of all the interesting things in Animal Flex, one of the coolest is Boswellia, a tree from tropical Africa which can be reduced, and made into an extract that has a powerful anti-inflammatory action, while also coincidentally relieving depression!

What are the benefits of taking Animal Flex by Universal Nutrition? 

  • Reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Increase joint lubrication
  • Improve joint health
  • Encourage joint repair
  • Repair connective tissue with the joint

Our Thoughts:

The team at Genesis know just how important good joint health is, which is why we were overjoyed to experience the benefits from Animal Flex. Even if you don’t have sore joints yet, it is important to support them as you push your body in the gym, because if your body is the house, then your joints are the foundation, so they need to be strong! If you have sore joints, or you don’t want to get sore joints, then you should use Animal Flex. Definitely, Genesis-approved!

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