BEACH BUM WORKOUT - Genesis Workouts! Written by Genesis Team Jun 02, 2019
BEACH BUM WORKOUT - Genesis Workouts!

Developing the best strategy for reshaping your backside is going to involve performing the right type of weightlifting workouts and the right type of cardio work.

BEACH BUM WORKOUT - Genesis Workouts!

Help-guides | Jun 02, 2019
Published by Genesis Team

Developing the best strategy for reshaping your backside is going to involve performing the right type of weightlifting workouts and the right type of cardio work. Many women may think that lifting a lightweight for multiple reps is the best way to define their muscles, however, this is incorrect. Women also tend to think lifting weights will cause spontaneous sprouting of bulky muscles, but again there is no cause for concern, as women lack the Testosterone to see big muscle gains.  

You'll see far better results pushing your body hard and lifting as heavy weights as possible while maintaining great form, so that must be your focus.

The Full Squat:

Everybody is familiar with the results that can be achieved in a Group environment, as anyone who has been involved in team sports can attest. When a team shares a common goal it seems to share the load and everyone involved is capable of achieving greater heights. I’m sure you could think of a few movies based on this idea. The theory is the same when it comes to Group training and Boot Camps, with everyone involved, despite differing levels of fitness and experience, all pushing to achieve the same goals. Whether it is 20 pushups or 10 x 50m sprints, having others around you can provide a little extra motivation to know it’s possible and push you outside your comfort zone. Having the other members of the group around can also help to inspire others too which can give you a fantastic mental high to start the day.

Split Squats:

Another very good exercise for improving the shape and firmness of your butt are Split Squats. These will place a large amount of stress on a single leg right near the bum region so you can see quick results and improvements in strength and range of motion.

This exercise can be performed with either a barbell across your back or a set of dumbbells and will also work the core as it is recruited to help you maintain balance. With this one too, aim to go as low down as you can in the lunge position and try and take a decent length step forward when you first get into the starting position.

As always the forward knee should not pass the front foot for good form. If you lengthen the step you take, you're going to place more emphasis on the hamstrings rather than the quads, which is the goal of this movement.

Step Ups:

Finally, the last exercise to perform in your New Bum workout is Step Ups. These will target the entire lower body including the quads, hamstrings and glutes, while also torching calories in the process. The higher the step you use throughout the exercise the more you'll be targeting the glutes, so really try to push yourself in the exercise. Try adding some dumbells for increased resistance and added intensity, and pick up the pace!

Now for cardio:

So the inevitable cardio sessions will obviously be needed to reduce the soft stuff, and reveal the right kind of curves. Straight running seems to be what every woman go to for a sure fire way to a better body, but is that really the best option?

While running will help you burn up calories at an accelerated pace, the problem with it is that it tends to flatten out the look of the body, doing anything but creating curves. It can also cause the body to turn catabolic, instead maintain a pace where the heart rate is elevated, but you could still maintain a conversation.

Instead, consider uphill walking. This will place more stress on the muscles surrounding the glutes and do a much better job at adding muscle definition while you burn calories and lose the fat that's keeping them from looking their best.

Another good cardio activity, if you'd rather not do incline walking, is the step machine. This will also have you working
against resistance and will add more tone and definition to your body rather than slimming everything out but leaving you looking rather shapeless.

Bums under Construction:

Including these movements into your weekly routine will get you some fantastic results. Make sure you train safely when moving larger weights, train with a PT or a partner and wear smart footwear as these movements require good stability and balance. For best results, twice a week is great, at least 3 days apart to ensure a good recovery.

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