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So many people loathe eating their greens. From young children right through to the Elderly it seems to be a common theme that crosses many borders, societies and ethnicities.


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Published by Declan B

Green Vegetables:

So many people loathe eating their greens. From young children right through to the Elderly it seems to be a common theme that crosses many borders, societies and ethnicities. From Brussel Sprouts to Bock Choi there is always someone who will pass up the green vegetables on their plate. Whether it be taste or texture every non-Green Vegetable eater has a reason to avoid consumption at any cost.

If only they knew what amazing health benefits they were passing up. Green Vegetables are essential in so many facets of our lives. The advantages of consuming your daily recommended intake are unparalleled.

Why Green Vegetables are Essential:

Green vegetables are calorie for calorie probably the most concentrated source of micro-nutrients of any food. Being rich in minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium while also including vitamins K, C, E, and many of the B vitamins, Phytonutrients including beta-carotene, zeaxanthin and Lutein which protect our cells from damage and our eyes from age-related problems.

The inclusion of Vitamin K is very important as so many crucial health benefits are now associated with its consumption. Just one standard serving of cooked greens can provide nine times the minimum recommended intake of Vitamin K. The uptake of Vitamin K in the diet on a regular basis will provide the following benefits

  • Regulates blood clotting
  • Reduces chances of Osteoporosis
  • Reduces atherosclerosis by reducing calcium in arterial plaques
  • Is a key  regulator of inflammation which will help protect you from inflammatory diseases including arthritis
  • Studies show that consumption may prevent diabetes

The massive health benefits associated with consuming green vegetables are obvious. They are a superfood and are so versatile. 5 servings is recommended daily for optimal results.

Aside from the health benefits they provide, Green Vegetables are very popular amongst dieters, Bodybuilders, and Elite Athletes who usually consume at least one portion of green vegetables in every meal. Why the popularity though?

Get Lean with Green Vegetables

Gram for Gram, Green Vegetables has very little carbohydrate in them. As an energy source, they are packed in layers of fibre which make them very slow to digest – think of a large log on a fire that provides a steady and consistent energy source. That is why, in general, greens have very little impact on blood glucose.

In most popular diets greens are not considered as a carbohydrate source meaning they can be considered a “free” food that you can consume a lot of without regret. This helps greatly with dieters wanting to feel full and sustained rather than starving and reaching for something detrimental to their progress.

Considering the health benefits our very own Genesis Meals have incorporated Green Vegetables into a vast majority of their main meal selections. Knowing how beneficial Green Vegetables are to your diet Genesis Meals customers can rest assured they are providing their body vital nutrients and vitamins whilst maintaining a lean diet.

Selecting your Greens

Whenever possible, go for organic produce to gain maximum health benefits. They are not very expensive if you can find them from the nearby local markets. Organic varieties tend to be smaller but have a rich flavour, possess a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals and loaded with numerous health benefiting anti-oxidants.

Only buy small quantities in the Markets so that they should last within a day or two. There is no point in eating unfit greens!

When buying from your local supermarket look for freshness, bright in colour with a heavy feeling in your hands. Examine carefully for blemishes, spots, fungal mould or even signs of insecticide spray. Instead of buying sections of food where possible purchase them as a whole.

As a final alternative frozen vegetables can be purchased from the supermarket and with many being snap frozen these days minimal loss of nutrients have occurred. The reduction in meal preparation time from using frozen greens can be hugely beneficial to many and make adding in a serve of greens to each meal much more realistic.

Alternative for Fussy Eaters

Even with all the health and nutrition benefits provided by Green Vegetables, we understand some individuals just cannot bring themselves to consume them. So what can be done in this situation to make sure they are not missing out on all the amazing health benefits?

A revolutionary new product called Pharma Greens designed to give 8 servings of nutrient-rich vegetables in one convenient shake with amazing flavours.

Pharma Greens by PHD are a Phytochemical-rich blend of ingredients engineered to increase energy, reduce oxidative stress and damage, promote alertness and reduce fatigue. It is also attributed to increase endurance and motor performance. With 28 natural ingredients, it is a blend that will deliver anti-oxidants to a tiring body and is a perfect cognitive performance enhancer. With nutrient-rich superfoods, Green micro Algae, cruciferous Vegetables and Legumes and phytonutrients all packed into one convenient 9.5-gram serving. You can read a full review of this amazing product here.

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