Boosting Your Testosterone Safely - Genesis Guide! Written by Genesis Team May 30, 2019
Boosting Your Testosterone Safely - Genesis Guide!

Testosterone manipulation has always been clouded with suspicion and the stigma of illegal steroids and the unwanted side effects that are associated. 

Boosting Your Testosterone Safely - Genesis Guide!

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Testosterone manipulation has always been clouded with suspicion and the stigma of illegal steroids and the unwanted side effects that are associated. But is there a safe and legal way to boost your testosterone and why would we want to do so? The answer is yes there is, and there is plenty of research backed choices to investigate. Testosterone helps with bone and muscle strength, boosts sex drive and affects energy levels. See your doctor to get your blood levels tested to find out if you have a serious deficiency. If you have abnormally low testosterone production, you can boost how much testosterone your body creates by supplementing your diet with some of the following products.



Tribulus Terrestris is a vine plant that grows in moderate and tropical climates. Tribulus is extracted from the plant to make nutritional supplements.People from China, the Middle East, and India have been using Tribulus for centuries to cure conditions like dizziness, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and headaches. It is one of the more common ingredients in modern testosterone boosters, with varying claims and results. It remains hugely popular worldwide.

D-Aspartic Acid

DAA is a natural amino acid found in our food supply and produced by the body making it a great tool to naturally increase healthy male testosterone production. It has a significant variance from other testosterone boosters in that it is based on research on human data. It has been repeatedly shown to offer increases up to 42% from the base level in men aged 27-37 years old.  This is a significant result and was achieved after an average of only 12 days.


ZMA is a unique, powerful, non-steroidal formula that helps support healthy testosterone levels and maintains muscle strength and power. ZMA has been around for a number of decades, with its popularity peaking during the '90s when it was revealed that the high levels of success in the Olympics were being attributed to ZMA supplementation.  

ZMA is a blend of zinc (in various forms), magnesium and vitamin B6. It helps replenish zinc and magnesium levels in the body. Zinc and magnesium are co-factors for enzymatic reactions that may play a part in muscle function and exercise performance. These important minerals are involved in:

  • Supporting healthy anabolic hormone levels
  • Supporting normal muscle function, strength, endurance and exercise performance
  • Supplying antioxidant support

Taking a ZMA supplement will improve sleep quality. Deep sleep is essential for recovery and also for testosterone production. ZMA can be a very effective addition to your supplementation at a small cost.

Other natural methods 

Additional dietary and exercise changes that can have a natural positive affect are

  • Limiting sugar/fructose
  • Eating healthy saturated fats
  • Engaging in high-intensity exercises and strength training
  • Getting a good dose of Vitamin D can also be a factor worth looking at. Vitamin D deficiency is currently at epidemic proportions in the United States and many other regions around the world, largely because people do not spend enough time in the sun to facilitate this important process of vitamin D production.
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