BSN NO-Xplode - New Version No Xplode Pre Workout Australia Product Review! Written by Genesis Team Apr 16, 2019
BSN NO-Xplode - New Version No Xplode Pre Workout Australia Product Review!

The ever-popular Pre Workout No Xplode has been reformulated by BSN into NO-Xplode, which is here to reign as their newest and most effective energy and strength formulation yet. A mix of highly potent active ingredients designed to boost energy, support focus and intensify your workout, NO-Xplode will leave you ready and rearing to smash out every single workout!

BSN NO-Xplode - New Version No Xplode Pre Workout Australia Product Review!

Supplement review | Apr 16, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
  1. Genesis Rating 9 / 10
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What is BSN NO-Xplode?

Proudly stocked at Supplements Australia, NO-Xplode is designed to work in a way that intensifies your energy for well in excess of 2 hours, without the dreaded post-workout crash. With pre-workout staples such as Creatine and Beta Alanine, as well as a formula comprised of five different matrix compounds, this pre-workout will give you the boost you need to push harder and for longer each and every time you hit the gym.

How does BSN NO-Xplode work?

A completely well-rounded pre-workout designed to boost your energy, eliminate the post-workout crash, and sustain you throughout your entire workout, BSN’s new NO-Xplode blend is their most effective yet, and is what you need to push out some of your most gruelling workouts yet. With a blend designed to support power, strength, muscular endurance, and stamina NO-Xplode is here to step up your training game to a whole other level.

What are the benefits of taking BSN NO-Xplode? 

  • Boosts Energy
  • Increases Focus
  • Improves Stamina
  • Helps to boost pumps and vascularity
  • Added creatine for size, strength and endurance
  • 18.5 gram serve for sustained energy in excess of 2 hours

Our Thoughts:

The team at already loved the original blend of No-Xplode by BSN, so we couldn’t wait to give the new blend a go – which impressed us even more than we expected! Great taste and mixability, as well as a great pump and increased energy, we smashed through some brutal workouts, and then finished our session without any post-workout crash! 



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