BSN Pumped EDGE | Intense Muscle Pumps - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team May 21, 2019
BSN Pumped EDGE | Intense Muscle Pumps - Genesis Review!

Whenever you ask any keen gym goer what their ideal holy grail of training is, you'll often hear the 'pump' as the response. We can't disagree! A solid pump is the favourite part of anyone's session - and now you can experience the next level of pump for yourself with Pumped EDGE by BSN! This is a non-stim pump activator that'll have your body screaming for mercy - in the best way possible, of course!

Genesis Review - BSN Pumped EDGE | Intense Muscle Pumps

Supplement review | May 21, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Pumped EDGE by BSN?

Pumped EDGE is specifically formulated to give you that edge in the gym. When it comes to pump formulas, rest assured the BSN crew know what they're doing. They've combined old proven ingredients as well as some exciting new additions in order to create the ultimate non-stim pump activator that trainers are recommending worldwide!

How does Pumped EDGE Work?

This next-generation pump activation formula, as mentioned, contains some of the most trusted ingredients such as Creatine and Citrulline - and has now added unique and highly complex ingredients resVida and Pomella which aid with intensifying the muscular pump as well as supporting healthy blood vessels. If you're looking to bump it up a notch, this can be stacked with most high-stim pre-workouts, too!

What are the benefits of taking Pumped EDGE by BSN?

  • Non-stim ingredients
  • Drastically improves muscular pumps
  • Combination of proven and new ingredients
  • Supports blood vessel health
  • Encourages peak performance

Our Thoughts:

Having been massive fans of BSN's high quality range of products, the Genesis team couldn't speak highly enough of their new Pumped EDGE! This truly is the embodiment of the old school and the new school coming together to form a truly special product. Even for the sceptics, we highly recommended giving this a try, because it has all the benefits of Creatine and Citrulline, now with a new age twist!

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