Building Muscle VS Burning Fat Written by Declan B Jul 24, 2019
Building Muscle VS Burning Fat

Whether you are an elite athlete or just starting out in your fitness journey, you would probably have a goal of what you want to achieve, either in a certain time frame or in general. 

Building Muscle VS Burning Fat

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Published by Declan B

Whether you are an elite athlete or just starting out in your fitness journey, you would probably have a goal of what you want to achieve, either in a certain time frame or in general. You’ve heard of the saying “Winter bodies are made in Summer” Well, it’s kind of right. The number of people who never get to that goal because they have no clue what they are doing or how to achieve their goals. The Genesis Team are here to help. Hopefully, by the end of this, you will understand how to achieve your goals based on where you are at with your routine, and yes, ROUTINE is essential. 


1. Can I Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at the same time?

To put it simply, building muscle you need to be in a calorie surplus. What’s a calorie surplus, you may ask? You need to be eating more calories than you burn and to lose fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit. What’s a calorie deficit, you may ask? You need to burn more calories then you consume. So complete opposite ends of the spectrum. This being said, meeting in the middle sounds like a good plan. In general, females should reduce calories by about 300 to 400 calories and males about 400 to 600 calories to be on a calorie deficit diet.
This is where your Basal Metabolic Rate (Maintenance Calories) comes in handy. Basically, it’s how many calories your body burns on a day to day at a resting state. Eating less than your Basal Metabolic Rate, you will quickly learn that your muscle mass is declining.
By cutting out fewer calories on a calorie deficit, it will ultimately help reduce the amount of fat-free mass that you lose. Yes, a smaller calorie deficit diet will take longer for you to achieve a greater fat loss percentage, however, if you are wanting to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, it will always take longer than focussing on one or the other for the period of your challenge. 


2. What are the Essentials with fitness goals?

Before you start your prep, we suggest getting a body scan and continue to depending how long your time frame is. This will help you put your goals into perspective with what you are working with. Most sports nutrition stores or gyms will have these accessible to the public; it costs about $30-$40 AUD per scan. If you have given yourself 8 weeks or you are following a challenge, it is beneficial to have a scan every 4 weeks. This will help clarify how you’re travelling regarding your results. Not only that, you can see what you need to improve on or focus on during the next phase.

To keep yourself accountable, it is recommended to use the MyFitnessPal app. You can log almost every food thinkable on it. You can scan barcodes or even create recipes if you meal prep, which helps when putting the information in. The Genesis Team all have different goals, and we all find it beneficial whether we are trying to lose fat, gain muscle or even just to track calories and macros in general.

With any fitness goal, it is essential to have a killer supplement stack tailored to your needs. Not only are they going to help with performance and recovery, but they are going to fuel your body, helping you reach your specific goals. Below are a few of our favourite supplements we recommend taking.



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3. Get in a Routine

Routine for some people is mandatory; others may need a little bit more guidance. Routine is a lot broader than say “Brushing your teeth at the same time every night”. It’s organising your day, allowing you to receive the best possible results in whatever you are doing. Fitness goals definitely apply to this.
Creating a schedule for going food shopping or meal prepping is a handy way to stay accountable throughout your challenge. Let’s be honest it’s not the quickest thing, and more often than not, it can take half a day to a full day to make Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and yes snacks. A packet of Tim-tams won’t cut it anymore. Being prepared will help you throughout the week, not having to worry about making every meal individually before or after work, because let’s be honest, who can even be bothered cooking after work? Not us. This is why we recommend it, especially for beginners. 


2. Don't Neglect your Diet

One of the biggest issues people face is not accounting certain meals, or snacks, thinking they won’t make a difference. Having an extra square of chocolate will definitely deter you from your goals if you are calorie counting. The biggest difference between building muscle vs burning fat is diet, and the obvious, training. Exercise is important; however, majority of fat loss happens in the kitchen. Seeking a professional to help you reach your goals is beneficial. They specialise in meal plans and helping you achieve your goals in a healthy way.


It is evident that there are so many more things required than just “Losing Fat” or “Building Muscle” it’s a process but once you achieve it, you realise you can achieve almost anything. We hope you smash your goals and remember, the harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it!
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