As far as Social Flexibility is concerned, we all need to attend family events, birthdays, work functions and so on, and we can often find ourselves in situations were a relaxed approach to our diet must be taken. Family and friends are usually supportive and accommodating to a chosen lifestyle but looking great should not come at the cost of sitting alone on Saturday night eating chicken breast and broccoli. At social events, a lightening of restrictions can be applied but need not be totally abandoned. Be prepared, an "unplanned cheat meal" can be the worst form. Allowing yourself to eat outside a restrictive diet should be measured and planned indulgence. If we view a Reward Meal as a parallel to another common indulgence, Alcohol, we see again that it must be a Reward for efforts and not a total abandonment of healthy lifestyle. It is one thing to have a relaxing beer with work colleagues at the week's end, it is another thing to wake on Sunday in a car park without your shoes. 

So as for Reward Meals, there are positives and negatives, and as often is the case, most positives can be mistreated to the point of becoming negative, so stay on track when working Reward Meals into your diet. Remember these points

  • Food for function, even when indulging it should have a purpose.
  • Reward MEAL, not Reward DAY
  • Intended as a Reward for past efforts, never in anticipation of effort.

With the right amount of discipline, Reward meals can be highly beneficial to the end goal, so feel free to Reward in Moderation.