Defcon1 by Platinum Labs | Focus Pre-Workout - Genesis Review! Written by Declan B May 22, 2019
Defcon1 by Platinum Labs | Focus Pre-Workout - Genesis Review!

Let's face it, the pre-workout sector of supplementation is awash with broken promises and nasty, stim-heavy formulas that can leave you feeling awful after training (often referred to as the "Crash"). Defcon1 by Platinum Labs, the company behind the ultra-popular OptiBurn, have changed their approach with this product, and the team at Genesis awards them full marks for innovation!

Genesis Review - Defcon1 by Platinum Labs | Focus Pre-Workout

Supplement review | May 22, 2019
Published by Declan B
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What is Defcon1 by Platinum Labs Work?

Defcon1 is an innovative pre workout formula, produced by Platinum Labs, an Australian company. Combining both standard pre-workout ingredients alongside new, innovative additions, Defcon1 will take you on a journey like no other. WIth great focus, nuclear energy, an intense mind-muscle connection and serious pumps, Defcon1 has taken the pre-workout market by storm!

How does Defcon1 by Platinum Labs Work?

Defcon1 is a very unique pre workout in that it incorporates brain boosting nootropics to dramatically increase the consumers' mind to muscle connection. These nootropics contained in Defcon1 have been meticulously tested and are proven to drastically increase brain function whilst training. Interestingly, Platinum Labs Defcon1 is the first to ever add nootropic substances into a pre-workout for an experience like never before. Defcon1 also contains mood enhancing compounds, meaning you are in an incredibly good state of mind going into any training session, right up to its completion.Defcon1 also provides massive muscle pumps and vasodilation which is a given in most new age pre workout formulas.

This “Pump” factor in Defcon1 comes from a combination of nitrates and vasodilators that will keep you full and vascular throughout your workout. The Creatine Nitrate contained in Defcon1 is also of massive benefit, meaning you’re pushing your muscles to the absolute limit and fully maximizing your potential growth and strength gains. Platinum Labs Defcon1 also contains anti-catabolic compounds to ensure none of your hard earned lean muscle mass is lost providing you an amazing all round formula.


What are the benefits of taking Defcon1 by Platinum Labs Work?

  • Increased Mind to Muscle Connection
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Focus
  • Strength Gains
  • Stamina and Endurance Increased
  • Muscle Pumps and Vasodilation
  • Muscle sparing whilst training
  • No Nasty Crash
  • Mood Enhancement

Our Thoughts:

Platinum Labs have done it again with Defcon1. They have produced a formula which stands up to its claims. Genesis Nutrition were blown away with the flavour and mixability of this product and when Platinum Labs quote on the label, “Fast Acting” they were not kidding! We felt an instant energy rush within about a minute of consumption which lasted right through our entire workout. We also did notice an overall boosting of mood, stamina and endurance was excellent throughout. 

The only fault we could find was in the “Pump” aspect as we were full and vascular but not fully bursting at the seams which we have experienced with other strong pre workouts in the past. This could easily be fixed if you too need a bigger pump through adding either Prima Force Agmatine or Arginine. Genesis Nutrition expects this to be an absolute favourite among trainers who like a definite Mind/Body Focus and Extreme Energy. Defcon1 is definitely a pre workout you need to experience.

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