DeFine8 by MuscleWerks | Thermogenic - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Apr 17, 2019
DeFine8 by MuscleWerks | Thermogenic - Genesis Review!

DeFine8 by MuscleWerks is locked, loaded and ready to help you shed unwanted fat. Packed with natural ingredients which have been designed to curb your appetite and increase your energy throughout the day, the all-new DeFine8 by MuscleWerks delivers a clean metabolic boost with the assistance of B Vitamins. The team at Genesis Nutrition dfin8ly recommend picking one of these up if you’re serious about burning extra calories and achieving your goal physique.

Genesis Review - DeFine8 by MuscleWerks | Thermogenic

Supplement review | Apr 17, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is DeFine8 by MuscleWerks? 

With a sugar-free formula, DeFine8 is an amazing fat burning supplement which just got even better. By combining a myriad of natural ingredients that work synergistically, MuscleWerks works hard to increase your body’s natural fat burning capability.

The latest DeFine8 formula contains powerful antioxidants and has been specifically designed to target and utilise body fat, whilst simultaneously lowering blood sugar, increasing lean muscle tissue development and improving your overall body composition (fat: muscle). DeFine8 is primarily a thermogenic, containing a number of scientifically backed fat-loss ingredients, including Citrus Auratium, HLA, CLA, Vitamin E, Guarana and Green Tea Extract. These ingredients work together to oxidise long-chain fatty acids, allowing your body to utilise them as energy. DeFine8 also includes cactus leaf extract to assist with appetite suppression and cravings.

How does DeFine8 by MuscleWerks work?

DeFine8 by MuscleWerks works by increasing your energy levels while curbing your appetite and burning excess fat.

Getting rid of stubborn body fat is often a challenge for even the most disciplined athletes. Some fatty deposits seem to hang on, despite your best efforts are developing that specific area: belly fat is a major player. One of the issues associated with shedding fat is doing so in a way that is both safe and doesn’t disrupt our body’s energy stores. Strict dieting can often lead to severe drops in energy, which in turn affect your ability to work out effectively.

DeFine8 by MuscleWerks contains a number of Genesis Nutrition approved ingredients which help to curb your appetite, whilst also offering energy boosting traits. By mitigating your need for food consumption or binge eating by feeling fuller, DeFine8 assists you with safely maintaining a caloric deficit. MuscleWerks has also introduced compounds which assist with mood enhancement and increased energy. Additional B-Vitamins also assist in metabolic control, mood levels and overall wellbeing.

What are the benefits of taking DeFine8 by MuscleWerks? 

  • Increase metabolism
  • Burn stubborn fat
  • Contains B-Vitamins
  • Boost energy
  • Delicious flavours

Our Thoughts:

It was hard to improve on an already excellent formula. DeFine8 would need stiff competition to be beaten, and well, the competition was fiercely internal. Musclewerk’s latest formula, DeFine8, is a thermogenic that pushes the boundaries. At Genesis Nutrition, we can easily say that this new product blasts the fat out of the market; with zero sugar, this is one of the cleanest products out there right now and as with the original, DeFine8 by MuscleWerks comes in a range of amazing flavours, with Pink Lemonade being our favourite. Veteran users will be familiar with DeFine8’s no-crash formula, and they won’t be disappointed.

For optimal results, the team at Genesis Nutrition recommend combining DeFine8 with Acetyl L-Carnitine. For anyone struggling to kick stubborn fat to the curb, DeFine8 is for you. If you’re looking to drop your body fat percentage (maybe you’re prepping for a comp, or you’re just shredding for the beach), then again, DeFine8 is an excellent choice.

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