Destiny by Muscle Nation | Thermogenic Fat Burner - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Mar 26, 2019
Destiny by Muscle Nation | Thermogenic Fat Burner - Genesis Review!

What is Destiny by Muscle Nation?

Arguably the most popular product from the very first line of Muscle Nation supplements is their flagship fa

Genesis Review - Destiny by Muscle Nation | Thermogenic Fat Burner

Supplement review | Mar 26, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Destiny by Muscle Nation?

Arguably the most popular product from the very first line of Muscle Nation supplements is their flagship fat burner, Destiny. But you might be wondering is Destiny worth the hype or is it just another mediocre fat burner to hit the shelves in an ever-growing overflooded marketplace of supplements? Well, we can assure there is nothing inferior about this product, from the formula to the packaging it is nothing but quality. Destiny is an incredibly well rounded fat burner containing clinical doses of proven thermogenic and fat loss ingredients. In addition to Destiny's potent thermogenic matrix, Muscle Nation has included a unique set of nootropics and natural diuretics to provide added mood enhancing and weight loss benefits for the user.

How does Destiny by Muscle Nation work?

Fat Burning/Thermogenic Matrix

Destiny’s formula includes a strong set of key fat burning ingredients. Coupling Acetyl L-Carnitine and Lean GBB™, you can expect an insane amount of perspiration while training. But what does excessive sweating have to do with fat loss? This excess sweating can be explained as these key ingredients work together to stimulate and break down of fat cells around your body, transporting them into your bloodstream, therefore, targeting and burning fat at a very rapid rate. Ultimately Destiny contains the perfect host of fat burning ingredients to raise your metabolic rate and calorie expenditure - consequently helping you achieve your best physique yet.

Mood Enhancement & Focus (Nootropics)

A key component to any great workout is a good mindset and motivation to get the job done, however after a long day at work this can be hard to find. Fortunately, Destiny has you covered with the inclusion of ‘’smart drugs’, also known as Nootropics. With over 1,900 mg of nootropics per scoop, you can expect to feel extremely focused, upbeat and ready to smash your workout.
Their inclusion also helps to eliminate headaches, jitters, crashing or feeling cloudy which are some of the “side effects” commonly experienced after use of other fat burners.

Water Shred Matrix (Diuretics)

We all know how much our water weight can fluctuate at times and this can make measuring your results both physically and mentally hard. However with the inclusion of a powerful natural herb formulation the diuretics contained in Destiny help flush any excess or unwanted water weight. This allows you to see and feel results faster and achieve that lean and shredded look you have worked hard for.

What are the Pros and Cons of taking Destiny by Muscle Nation?


  • Highly effective fat burner (clinical doses of proven thermogenic and fat loss ingredients)
  • Contains ingredients to curb appetite suppression
  • Boosts your metabolism


  • Some experience a mild peppery taste when consuming due to black pepper ingredients which is included in the formulation to help with absorption

Who is Destiny by Muscle Nation Suitable for?

Destiny is ideal for anyone looking to lean up, feel great and stay focused throughout their workout. In addition to this, Destiny provides an unparalleled focus and a sustainable source of energy and focus. This makes Destiny a great choice for those who may be looking to stay alert and on point throughout the day whether that be for work, study or play.

Our Thoughts:

All aspects of Destiny and its formula have been thoroughly fine-tuned to create a revolutionary fat burner. Destiny provides focus and energy which comes from it's a comprehensive blend of nootropics, and both fast and slow acting stimulants which provide a hard-hitting yet smooth energy suitable for training and usage all throughout the day. Formulated quality ingredients to provide a strong and clean energy without relying on harsh stimulants meaning you don't get the dreaded jitters or crash that can often come after using high stim supplements. 



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