Detonation 2.0 by Nexus Sports Nutrition | Strong Pre-Workout - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team May 30, 2019
Detonation 2.0 by Nexus Sports Nutrition | Strong Pre-Workout - Genesis Review!

Are you tired of trying played out pre-workouts that just don't deliver on lofty promises? Then Nexus Sports Nutrition is the answer to your calls! Detonation 2.0 by Nexus Nutrition is none other than an outrageously power-packed pre-workout that returns with a bang! With neuro-enhancers and ingredients for bodily benefits, Nexus truly gives you the best of both worlds in a refined formula!

Genesis Review - Detonation 2.0 by Nexus Sports Nutrition | Strong Pre-Workout

Supplement review | May 30, 2019
Published by Genesis Team

What is Detonation 2.0 by Nexus Sports Nutrition?

Thanks to its carefully created combination of both neuro-enhancers and nutrient transporters, Detonation 2.0 falls within the pre-workout category. What sets this particular Nexus brainchild in a league of its own is the seamless blend that allows you not only to improve your output and performance but the focus in which you're able to do it with!


How does Detonation 2.0 by Nexus Sports work?

Detonation 2.0 is a massively complex supplement containing a seemingly effortless blend designed for your consumption pleasure! As discussed, proven neuro-enhancers are included to establish the mind-muscle connection, allowing the user to dial in and ensure form and accuracy are a key focus, while nutrient delivery is considerably improved. You can now enjoy greater endurance, focus and strength with each swig!

What are the Benefits of Taking Detonation 2.0 by Nexus Sports Nutrition?

  • Taps into the mind-muscle connection
  • Improves delivery of nutrients
  • Sustained energy throughout the day
  • Powerful and high-stim contents
  • Enhances your mood

Our Thoughts:

Detonation 2.0 completely blew our minds (pun intended)! Nexus Sports Nutrition was faced with the challenge of refining an original blend and improving on it for an industry that demanded more. What they've managed is nothing short of incredible. The Genesis team loved the 2.0 version, noticing a significant improvement of mood and motivation - two keys that'll work wonders in the gym!

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