Fusion IBCAA by Cyborg Sport | Amino Acids - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Apr 12, 2019
Fusion IBCAA by Cyborg Sport | Amino Acids - Genesis Review!

Delicious-tasting BCAA formula with amazing mixability!

Genesis Review - Fusion IBCAA by Cyborg Sport | Amino Acids

Supplement review | Apr 12, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Fusion IBCAA by Cyborg Sport?

Fusion IBCAA is made up of 7 grams of high quality, instantised BCAAs that dissolve easily and taste great! Compared to other chalky BCAA formulas, this product stands out from the crowd without compromising on the ingredient quality or quantity. Instead, clinical doses of BCAAs absorb quickly to give you that power you need during your workout and help your body to recover from the strain!

How does Fusion IBCAA by Cyborg Sport work?

This powerful pre-workout can help you to train at maximum intensity with greater endurance! Fusion IBCAA contains 7 grams of instantised BCAAs to promote muscle growth and post-training recovery alongside L-Glutamine to help prevent the onset of DOMS. Additional powerful ingredients include L-Carnitine and D-Ribose - a unique sugar source - to help the body generate more energy from fat and assist with mental focus. After all, body and mind together is the strongest combination!

What are the benefits of taking Fusion IBCAA by Cyborg Sport?

  • 3:1:1 BCAA Ratio
  • Added Glutamine
  • Added Citrulline
  • Delicious, fruity flavours

Our Thoughts:

While BCAA formulas are an important part of our supplement stack, they're often hard to mix with a gritty texture! Step forward Fusion IBCAA, the instantised formula that has great mixability - plus, you'd never guess that it's sugar-free by the great tasting flavours that the team have reported taste like cordial! The clinically dosed formula has our team raving about how fantastically it impacts their workouts, from energy boosts to faster muscle build!


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