Glutamine by OCD Nutrition | Pure Glutamine - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Apr 18, 2019
Glutamine by OCD Nutrition | Pure Glutamine - Genesis Review!

With nothing but the pure ingredients, Glutamine is the perfect choice if you want your body to perform at a higher level, or if you want to improve your overall health.

Genesis Review - Glutamine by OCD Nutrition | Pure Glutamine

Supplement review | Apr 18, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Glutamine by OCD Nutrition?

Assisting with multiple processes in the body, Glutamine from OCD Nutrition plays a vital role in ensuring you get the most from your training. By taking Glutamine, you are giving your body a key nutrient it needs to ensure muscle recovery and proper immune system support. OCD Nutrition knows how important achieving results from training is, and that's why they are proud to be offering you this premium Glutamine!

How does Glutamine by OCD Nutrition work?

Important for everyone, due to its use by the immune system as an energy source, Glutamine also has a powerful muscle building effect. Particularly noticeable effects can be seen in people who have endured muscular injuries like burns or physical trauma to a muscle group, people who are vegan or vegetarian and may not be consuming adequate quantities, and people who suffer from muscle wasting illnesses like AIDS. Glutamine is a powerful product that everyone can benefit from, and the one from OCD Nutrition is fantastic quality.

What are the benefits of taking Glutamine by OCD Nutrition?

  • Effective muscle builder
  • Prevents muscle loss in people who are unable to train
  • Supports immune system function
  • Promotes intestinal support
  • Can reduce symptoms of Crohn’s disease

Our Thoughts:

The team at love having only the best products available, which is why we were so happy to use the Glutamine from OCD Nutrition! With proven effects that can help anyone, Glutamine is invaluable for people trying to increase their performance in sports, or in the weight room! OCD Nutrition has made another fantastic product we absolutely love, and Glutamine is definitely, Genesis-approved!

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