Greens by XCD Nutrition | Vitamins and Vegetables - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team May 20, 2019
Greens by XCD Nutrition | Vitamins and Vegetables - Genesis Review!

Get an easy antioxidant fix with Greens, XCD Nutrition's fantastic health supplement! If you're looking for a way to enhance your health and vitality while promoting a healthy digestive system, Greens is an easy-to-use formula that fits seamlessly around your day to day life. It even tastes amazing and it's free from dairy and genetically modified ingredients!

Genesis Review - Greens by XCD Nutrition | Vitamins and Vegetables

Supplement review | May 20, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
  1. Genesis Rating 8.5 / 10
  2. Brand XCD Nutrition
  3. Category Greens & Fruit Supplements
  4. Customer Reviews

What is Greens by XCD Nutrition?

By combining a whole host of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants and fiber, Greens contains a huge number of vital ingredients for your health and wellbeing. If your busy life is getting in the way of getting your nutritional RDA, add Greens into your diet! XCD Nutrition focuses on high quality and results so the formula contains no dairy or GMOs to keep your body even healthier.

How does Greens by XCD Nutrition work?

As far as daily supplements go, Greens is a tasty and easy way to get your recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals and fibre. The ultra-fine formula is designed to be mixed in with smoothies, shakes, yoghurt and even cereals to provide a tasty but healthy boost to your meals. By promoting better digestion, PH regulation, and increased health, most people would benefit from having Greens in their life!

What are the benefits of taking Greens by XCD Nutrition?

  • Packed with vitamins and antioxidants
  • Good source of fibre
  • Probiotics promote healthy digestion
  • Improves health and vitality
  • Delicious flavour

Our Thoughts:

Our lives are so busy that we can accidentally miss out on our full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. This is where Greens comes in and XCD Nutrition has done a fantastic job of combining a whole host of antioxidants, vitamins, probiotics, and minerals into one easy-to-take supplement. The delicious flavour and flexible formula makes it easier than ever to stay healthy and keep our digestive system happy!

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