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In recent years it would seem that Boot Camp style training has become the latest trend in fast results based training, but group training is nothing new.


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Boot Camp Benefits - Is group training right for you?

In recent years it would seem that Boot Camp style training has become the latest trend in fast results-based training, but group training is nothing new. Boot Camps are known as an exercise that resembles that implemented in the armed forces, usually consisting of high intensity, body weight and high functional movements designed to increase mobility, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. The military makes use of this system not only for the fitness benefits however, they have also long recognized the benefits of “group mentality” and feeling part of a team.

Group Mentality:

Everybody is familiar with the results that can be achieved in a Group environment, as anyone who has been involved in team sports can attest. When a team shares a common goal it seems to share the load and everyone involved is capable of achieving greater heights. I’m sure you could think of a few movies based on this idea. The theory is the same when it comes to Group training and Boot Camps, with everyone involved, despite differing levels of fitness and experience, all pushing to achieve the same goals. Whether it is 20 pushups or 10 x 50m sprints, having others around you can provide a little extra motivation to know it’s possible and push you outside your comfort zone. Having the other members of the group around can also help to inspire others too which can give you a fantastic mental high to start the day.    

Group training and the consequent mentality can be hugely beneficial to anyone who struggles to get motivated training alone, people who enjoy training outside and people who need instruction on safe and effective exercises tailored to suit their desired results.

Group Fitness:

It takes a very dedicated and motivated mind to push beyond what is comfortable, and most people do not have the right mindset for ignoring our bodies when we get a little exhausted. It is only natural that when our bodies begin to tire we want to sit and relax and recover, which is fine if you want to stay the way you are, but if you want to shed some extra kilos that have accumulated from a little too much relaxing, then it takes some extra motivation to keep moving.

With Group training you can greatly increase your fitness by being surrounded by people with the same goals. When in a group people generally find it easier to push past personal boundaries and will typically exercise for longer at a higher intensity, and this is why so many people that struggle to get results by slogging it out in the gym alone, can see huge results in short periods of time. Boot Camps that run for 6, 8 or 12 weeks are common and see great results and many people form long term friendships at the same time.

Group training to get you started:

Group training can be a fantastic way to get yourself introduced to fitness and training. After just a few short weeks of Boot Camps, you will have increased confidence in yourself, and not just because of what you see in the mirror. A lot of people who get involved in group training for the first time are new to a lot of the aspects of training and quickly come to enjoy getting to know the capabilities of their own body. An increase in mobility, strength and flexibility can all help to increase your personal confidence at home, at work, in the park and at the gym.

Group training can often be a part of a weekly training routine with people including it in with other exercises, like weight training or competitive sports, as it can have benefits for both and more. Even experienced athletes and people who have been weight training for years can find Boot Camps very effective and a great alternative to breaking up the monotony whilst still being an awesome workout for the muscles. A 6 or 8 week challenge can provide a brilliant kick start to a healthier lifestyle or even lead to the next big goal, like a half marathon or a big charity fun run.

Getting Involved:

For anyone wanting to get involved in group training, local Boot Camps will typically advertise on social media, at local gyms and be easily found on the internet and because you are training as a group, the costs are very fair. Some Boot camps may also offer meal planning and nutritional advice when signing up for a few weeks. So get a few like-minded friends together and check out a local Boot camp and start seeing the results you have been looking for.

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