How To Curb Sugar Cravings - Genesis Guide! Written by Genesis Team May 31, 2019
How To Curb Sugar Cravings - Genesis Guide!

We all know sugar is bad for us, but yet we sometimes can’t help those sugar cravings!

How To Curb Sugar Cravings - Genesis Guide!

Help-guides, motivation | May 31, 2019
Published by Genesis Team

We all know sugar is bad for us, but yet we sometimes can’t help those sugar cravings!

Think of sugar as an anti-nutrient as it doesn’t add any value to the body or any nutrients! Sugar consumption leads to a decrease in the body's reserves of chromium, magnesium and B vitamins. Anyone who trains should know how important these nutrients are to health, growth and recovery!

Consuming small healthy meals 6-7 times a day will ensure that your blood sugar levels remain stable and this will help with sugar cravings. It is when your blood sugar levels drop that you will feel tired and flat and crave sugary foods to give you a short burst in energy. Don't skip meals either as this will cause your blood sugar levels to drop too and increase the risk of you overeating at your next meal and making unhealthy food choices.

Also, eating lean protein with your meals is an excellent way to steer clear of the chocolate attacks!! Protein will help to keep your blood sugar levels balanced.

Good sources of healthy protein include:

  • Protein Powder
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Turkey
  • Red meat
  • Eggs
  • Tofu

And many more!

Also choose complex carbohydrates that are rich in fibre such as wholegrain bread, brown rice, oats and quinoa. These foods slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, avoiding the sharp spike in blood sugar levels!

Always choose healthy foods that will add nutrients to your body and keep your blood sugar levels stable, not sugary foods that will only make you crave more sugar and put weight on! Don’t forget to drink at least 3L of water during the day too to keep you full and hydrated!

Check out some of the healthy options like the Chocolate Protein Smoothie and Chocolate Protein Cookie recipe under Recipe Section!

If you are still having trouble with sugar cravings after trying these suggestions, try taking chromium tablets daily. Chromium is a mineral supplement that is important for balancing blood sugar levels and for curbing sugar cravings!

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