Ibolic 2 by M4 Nutrition | Testosterone Booster - Genesis Review! Written by Customer Care Apr 18, 2019
Ibolic 2 by M4 Nutrition | Testosterone Booster - Genesis Review!

iBolic 2 is a powerful stim-free test booster here to transform your workout game! If you're struggling to overcome the genetic barrier, this potent formula can help you to stay anabolic while increasing your hormone supply so that you can build muscle easier than before. Despite the small capsule size, it can increase size and strength in just 3 to 5 days!

Genesis Review - Ibolic 2 by M4 Nutrition | Testosterone Booster

Supplement review | Apr 18, 2019
Published by Customer Care
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What is Omelette by X50?

M4 Nutrition, creators of iBolic 2, place a great deal of importance on designing products with a twist on the norm. iBolic 2 stands out as tester athletes have reported incredibly fast result times: imagine seeing noticeable gains in muscle mass after just 3 - 4 weeks! Other fantastic benefits include explosive strength, reduced estrogen levels, and even a higher sex drive!

How does Omelette by X50 work?

One of the key ingredients in iBolic 2 is Laxosterone which enhances protein synthesis, encourages muscle repair and helps you to stay anabolic for longer without the liver toxicity that some compounds bring. In addition, Agmatine Sulfate enhances pump while it works to increase NO production, Diindolylmethane reduces the production of estrogen while Boron Citrate can boost testosterone levels as well as your mental game.

What are the benefits of taking Omelette by X50?

  • Enhanced strength and power
  • NO booster for monster pumps
  • Suppresses estrogen production
  • Potent test booster
  • Stimulant free

Our Thoughts:

M4 Nutrition caught our eye with their interesting product range for athletes and iBolic 2 is an impressive strength booster that really stands out from the crowd. Providing noticeable size and strength gains in a short space of time is seriously impressive but according to testers reports, they've managed it! For a test booster that really delivers in terms of size, pump and strength, try iBolic 2 today!

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