iLift by Cyborg Sports | Pre-Workout - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Apr 12, 2019
iLift by Cyborg Sports | Pre-Workout - Genesis Review!

An absolute gem of a pre-workout that is carefully crafted to support strength gains and increase workout intensity!

Genesis Review - iLift by Cyborg Sports | Pre-Workout

Supplement review | Apr 12, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is iLift by Cyborg Sports?

As with all Cyborg Sport products, iLift Pre-Workout brings the quality, the taste, and the results. If you want to be able to train harder and for longer, then this great-tasting blend will provide the support that your training needs. With great mixability, taste and effects that will carry you through the toughest of workouts, iLift is there to create your best training sessions yet.

How does iLift by Cyborg Sports work?

If, like most who take their training seriously, you know the value of what a good pre-workout can do for you, then you’re not going to want to go past iLift by Cyborg Sport! A killer pre-workout, this unique blend is highly effective at pushing you were some supplements cannot. Giving you the explosive pumps, motivation, and energy you need to crush every one of your workouts, iLift will support you as you chase your training goals.

What are the benefits of taking iLift by Cyborg Sports?

  • Helps to increase workout intensity
  • Assists in attaining extreme pumps
  • Increases energy levels
  • Supports strength gains
  • Helps create explosive power

Our Thoughts:

We love a killer Pre-Workout here at, which is why we are certainly impressed by Cyborg Sport’s iLift! A highly effective blend, this Pre Workout helps to create mad pumps, gives great support to strength gains, and helps to increase workout intensity. We loved the workouts we could smash out when we took iLift, and we know you will too! Genesis approved!  



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