Superior Whey by International Protein | Protein Blend - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Apr 01, 2019
Superior Whey by International Protein  | Protein Blend - Genesis Review!

Perform at your best and recover easier than ever before with Superior Whey by International Protein!

Genesis Review - Superior Whey by International Protein | Protein Blend

Supplement review | Apr 01, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Superior Whey by International Protein?

Superior Whey by International Protein is a protein formulated to help you achieve maximum results every time you step into the gym. Superior Whey contains WPI/WPC and Whey Peptides and is jam-packed with BCAAs and L-Glutamine, making it an excellent post-workout recovery protein. Superior Whey incorporates rapid, fast and moderate absorbing protein to create gradual uptake of amino acids over time. 

How does Superior Whey by International Protein work?

Superior Whey By International Protein works by delivering massive amounts of the highest quality whey proteins as well as bio-active" peptides for muscle growth. With its ultra-fast absorption rate and muscle recovery properties. makes it the perfect post-workout shake. Containing WPI/WPC and Whey Peptides. Packed full of BCAAs and L-Glutamine it is an excellent recovery protein. helping you get over those DOMS real quick. 

What are the benefits of taking Superior Whey by International Protein?

  • Improved muscle growth 
  • Boost strength 
  • Fast recovery
  • Less muscle soreness 
  • Tases amazing 

Our Thoughts:

Superior Whey by International Protein has a reputation amongst athletes and bodybuilders alike as being as good as it gets. An Australian company with products derived from super high-quality New Zealand dairy, it doesn't get much better. With no fillers, added sugar or artificial flavors consumers can rest assured that they are drinking protein of the highest quality. It mixes well and tastes great. Genesis Approved!



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