Legacy by Muscle Nation | Pre-Workout - Genesis Review! Written by Refersion Collaborator Mar 21, 2019
Legacy by Muscle Nation | Pre-Workout - Genesis Review!

Legacy is not for the faint of heart - this formula delivers a serious punch. 

Genesis Review - Legacy by Muscle Nation | Pre-Workout

Supplement review | Mar 21, 2019
Published by Refersion Collaborator
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What is Legacy by Muscle Nation?

Sick of leaving the gym feeling like you have barely scratched the surface of your training potential?  This is where your new training partner steps in, Legacy pre-workout by Muscle Nation. Legacy can deliver the highest state of motivation and maximise your performance potential. Containing nothing other than quality ingredients, Legacy features a strong and driving energy matrix combined with a top-end performance formula for added power, pump, endurance and focus.

How does Legacy by Muscle Nation work?

Energy Matrix (No Crash)

We know how disappointing it can be to spend your hard-earned cash on a "quality" pre-workout only to leave the gym feeling like you’ve wasted your money. If you’re like us, you don't have time for mediocre, overpriced products containing the cheap and nasty corner-cutting ingredients (which you know you really shouldn't be putting into your body anyway).

Luckily, Muscle Nation has you covered with the creation of Legacy’s game-changing energy-enhancing formula. To ensure that customers are left feeling satisfied with every workout, Muscle Nation cleverly opted for high-quality ingredients irrespective of the cost.

So what is in this game-changing formula? Legacy’s formula combines the perfect ratio of Caffeine, Dynamine™, Tyramine and Hordenine at optimal doses to provide a substantial surge of energy and euphoria without the dreaded crash or foggy head after use. These key ingredients give you peak energy output at 30 - 60 minutes post-consumption and maintain a clean and strong source of energy for the next two-three hours.


Few pre-workouts successfully conquer providing both energy and pump, so does Legacy deliver? Containing Nitrosigine and Vaso6, Muscle Nation Legacy offers the ultimate muscle pump formula. When combined, Nitrosigine and Vaso6 are potent, highly-effective and result-driven ingredients. Likewise, with the addition of Citrulline Malate, you can expect an increase in the production of nitric oxide through arginine.

However, an increase in arginine also results in an increase in an enzyme called arginase, which is responsible for limiting the amount of nitric oxide the body can produce.

The result? A restriction on how big of a muscle pump you can achieve. To counteract this Muscle Nation have included L-Norvaline in the mix to inhibit arginase production, which allows you to continue producing nitric oxide throughout your training to ensure you experience the ultimate pump.

Endurance & Performance

Betaine Anhydrous has been added to the formula to take your performance to the next level by helping to increase muscle power, endurance and strength.

Additionally, Beta-Alanine will also help to raise muscle carnosine levels, which will in turn delay muscle fatigue to allow you to train harder and for longer to ensure maximum results. Let’s not forget the addition of Taurine, which has been thrown into the mix to help support harder and longer muscle contractions, while helping to also restore intramuscular calcium levels and draw more water into the muscle cells. We can assure you Muscle Nation have thought of everything when it comes to this pre-workout!

Mood Enhancement & Focus (Nootropics)

Possibly the most unique part of Legacy’s formula is the inclusion of smart drugs for mood enhancement and incredible focus (as if the formula wasn't impressive enough). Containing over 2,500 mg of nootropics per scoop, Legacy has been carefully designed to promote razor-sharp focus and an all-around heightened mood. Jam-packed with AlphaSize Alpha GPC, Huperzine A, Velvet Bean Mucuna Pruriens, Lion’s Mane, Tyrosine and KSM-66 Ashwagandha, this effective and result-driven focus-enhancing formula is just what you need to smash out an intense workout. Muscle nation has also very cleverly dosed these ingredients to not only ensure for maximum results but also ensure you don’t suffer from headaches, jitters or any other unwanted side effects which are commonly experienced when taking other pre-workout formulas.


What are the Pros and Cons of taking Legacy by Muscle Nation?


  • Contains optimal doses of ingredients
  • Transparent nutritional panel
  • Reasonably priced for the quality of ingredients contained


  • As the effects last for hours, Legacy may not be suitable for some to use to train at night time as this may hinder the ability to get to sleep

Who is Legacy by Muscle Nation Suitable for?

Legacy certainly isn't for the faint-hearted as the formula delivers a serious punch. However, this incredible formula is ideal for both men and women who take their training seriously and want to perform at their maximum.

Those who are new to the gym (or sensitive to stimulants) can begin with ½-1 scoop to assess their tolerance. While those that are experienced and have used many pre-workout products before can use up to a full serving (2 scoops) to feel the same outstanding effects.

Our Thoughts:

Boasting energy, power, strength, focus and undeniable muscle pump, Muscle Nation Legacy is the go-to choice for any athlete looking to take their game to the next level. Average ingredients and shortcuts? No thanks. Muscle Nation is living up to their reputation of maintaining the highest level of reliability, quality and longevity across everything they do, and Legacy is certainly no exception.



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