MASS FUSION BY NUTRABOLICS | Mass Gainer - Genesis Reviews! Written by Genesis Team Jun 02, 2019
MASS FUSION BY NUTRABOLICS | Mass Gainer - Genesis Reviews!

Nutrabolics compliments their already extensive range with high quality, a mass inducing formulation that is MASS FUSION. 

Genesis Review - MASS FUSION BY NUTRABOLICS | Mass Gainer

Supplement review | Jun 02, 2019
Published by Genesis Team


Nutrabolics compliments their already extensive range with high quality, a mass inducing formulation that is MASS FUSION. Designed to suit the hardest gainers and to compliment and maintain quality size on more experienced consumers alike. MASS FUSION utilises high quality and well-researched ingredients to produce the best results, in the shortest time, for the fastest gains.

MASS FUSION serves up

  • 950 calories per serving
  • 47 grams of quality sustained release proteins
  • 170 gram time-released carbohydrate matrix
  • Trademarked SUPERFATS formula
  • Massive 7.26kg Bags of value
  • Only 4% of daily fat intake

What are the benefits of taking MASS FUSION?

From the first serving of MASS FUSION, the body will know it is time to grow. Hard training requires optimal anabolic nutrition, with the body craving proteins and carbohydrates to replenish and recover the exhausted muscles. MASS FUSION's advanced mass building formulation provides everything the body needs to begin turning all that hard work into results and start building new muscle and gaining size.

  • 47 grams of Sustained release proteins - MASSFUSION provides high levels of a specific ratio of amino acids proven to stimulate protein synthesis and support maximum muscle growth. Its rapid-release proteins (whey protein isolate) are complemented by slower-release proteins (micellar casein) to keep you anabolic for up to 8 hours! This helps drastically enhance gains in fat-free mass.

  •  Time Released Carbohydrates - MASSFUSION contains the unique complex WAXYBOLIC which is a revolutionary new time-released carbohydrate matrix. This component helps stabilize insulin fluctuations in the bloodstream while increasing glycogen retention and cell volumisation. The unique carbohydrate sources are ultra low in sugar and contain hydrolyzed and fractionated waxy maize starches. Nutrabolics is the only company in the world licensed to include this complex in their muscle building formula.

  • SuperFats - Research shows that Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are needed to optimize anabolic hormone levels while supporting muscle building and fat loss. In fact, if you’re not taking in enough EFAs, you’re robbing yourself of muscle gains right now! Each scoop of MASSFUSION contains a synergistic complex of superior-quality fats (including  CLA and MCT Oil) needed to maximize growth potential.

MASS FUSION makes consuming an increased calorie diet so much easier. Whole-foods are important in any bodybuilder’s diet, but given the frequency you need to eat, high cost of healthy food, inconvenience of carrying around kilos of food in your Tupperware dishes, MASS FUSION makes sense, delivering 950 calories per serving with all the macronutrients (i.e. protein, carbs, and essential fats) in a precise ratio to one another and in proven doses.

 MASS FUSION – Timing and Dosage.

 For Normal Use:

For a rich and creamy shake, mix 3 scoops of MASS FUSION in 300-600mls (depending on desired consistency) of ice cold water. For best results drink 2 servings daily; 1 serving for breakfast and another serving post workout/throughout the day.

Hard gainer Use:

Mix 4 scoops of MASSFUSION in 400-800mls of ice cold water or milk.  Shakes mixed in this way deliver over 1,540 calories! Drink 2 servings daily; one for breakfast and one before bed

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