Mega Test by Primeval Labs | Superior Testosterone Matrix - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Apr 18, 2019
Mega Test by Primeval Labs | Superior Testosterone Matrix - Genesis Review!

Mega Test is a natural enhancement product that helps you to overcome biological barriers to achieve your goals. This formula stimulates increased testosterone production so that you can enjoy increased size, strength and endurance to build lean muscle!

Genesis Review - Mega Test by Primeval Labs | Superior Testosterone Matrix

Supplement review | Apr 18, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Mega Test by Primeval Labs?

Mega Test was formulated as a superior test enhancer, designed to support males through tough workouts by controlling estrogen and cortisol levels. If you want to continue building muscle but have hit a plateau, this could be just what you need to overcome your bodies restrictions and push yourself further! With additional energy boosts and wellbeing benefits, you should feel fantastic!

How does Mega Test by Primeval Labs work?

The key ingredient that makes Mega Test so effective is D-Aspartic Acid, a powerful amino acid that stimulates hormones within the body to produce more testosterone. It also uses Tribulus to enhance stamina during training, Maca and Fenugreek to promote increased test levels and Androsta-3,5-Diene-7,17-Dione to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This potent combination will have you feeling stronger and building more muscle mass in no time!

What are the benefits of taking Mega Test by Primeval Labs?

  • Enhances Testosterone levels
  • Promotes increased muscle mass
  • Faster recovery
  • Supports reduced cortisol
  • Can increase libido

Our Thoughts:

With a whole host of benefits to this test booster, it's not just an increased libido you'll notice with Mega Test! The strength and endurance benefits from the powerful matrix created by Primeval Labs will have you in the gym for longer, more powerful sessions. Plus, the increased production of male hormones can also help your overall wellbeing and mood so you're left feeling healthy, revitalised and relaxed.

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