Nectar Medical by Syntrax | Promina Whey Protein Isolate - Genesis Reiew! Written by Genesis Team May 20, 2019
Nectar Medical by Syntrax | Promina Whey Protein Isolate - Genesis Reiew!

Nectar Medical by Syntrax is a revolutionary supplement. The all-new natural protein is like no other. Made purely from Promina brand whey isolates, this pure, undenatured protein offers so much more than just a protein hit.

Nectar Medical by Syntrax | Promina Whey Protein Isolate - Genesis Reiew!

Supplement review | May 20, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Nectar Medical by Syntrax?

Nectar Medical by Syntrax is known for its utmost purity. The diverse protein is designed to provide nutrients in more ways than one! Ideal for those who find they are intolerant to most proteins or undergoing medical care with the need of a higher protein intake.This product is specially formulated as the medical food for dialysis patients and meets the particular needs of individuals alike.

How does Nectar Medical Work?

Nectar Medical is designed to mix with other food. The natural or "bland" flavour of this product makes it easy to incorporate into any diet. Low in potassium, sugar, sodium and phosphorus, Nectar Medical is one of the purest sources of protein readily available on the market. With specific needs and restrictions in mind, Syntrax has developed this incredibly versatile protein, which can easily be mixed into almost anything, including milk, tea, mash potato, cereals and various other foods.

What are the benefits of Taking Nectar Medical by Syntrax?

  • Promina Whey Isolate
  • Tasteless in Food and Drink
  • 10g Protein per Serve
  • Mixes easily
  • 100% Natura

Our Thoughts:

Genesis Nutrition believe that everyone should have the chance to live a healthy and happy lifestyle! Particularly those who need it most. Nectar Medical by Syntrax is like no other. We love the versatility of this protein. As we know how important it is to incorporate protein into every diet, we support the idea of Nectar Medical. Syntrax has really formulated a revolutionary product in our eyes, and is on our shelves to stay!

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