NO Xplode XE Edge by BSN | Extreme Pre-Workout - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Apr 16, 2019
NO Xplode XE Edge by BSN | Extreme Pre-Workout - Genesis Review!

Formulated by the team at BSN to deliver a potent pre-workout energy blast, NO Xplode XE Edge is a powerful pre-workout for people who are serious about training! With fantastic ingredients delivering a potent formula, NO Xplode XE Edge is the type of product that turns you into a true powerhouse in the weight room! If you want to boost energy, increase strength and push past your limits in the gym, NO Xplode XE Edge is the perfect addition to your pre-workout ritual!

Genesis Review - NO Xplode XE Edge by BSN | Extreme Pre-Workout

Supplement review | Apr 16, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is NO Xplode XE Edge by BSN?

Not all pre workouts are created equal, but NO Xplode XE Edge is a top tier formula whether you're looking for increased energy, pump, or focus that doesn't fail to impress. You want stronger formulas that deliver powerful results so you can get more out of training. Thankfully BSN has listened and created NO Xplode XE Edge with tried and tested ingredients in powerful doses so you can expect skin peeling pumps, eagle like focus and a long lasting energy boost to get you through the most gruelling of workouts!

How does NO Xplode XE Edge by BSN work?

By containing several different ingredient matrixes, NO Xplode XE Edge will help you blow the lid off your training sessions. With ingredients like Citrulline Malate to increase nitric oxide production and Glycerol for enhancing cell volumisation, which will result in skin splitting pumps. Combine that with a serious dose of all natural caffeine, NO Xplode XE Edge is designed to give you a serious increase in energy and strength. More than just the basics, NO Xplode XE Edge is packed with dozens of ingredients that all work to ensure you get the best possible workout.

What are the benefits of taking NO Xplode XE Edge by BSN? 

  • Skin peeling pumps
  • Improves your performance
  • Eagle-like focus
  • Endurance booster
  • Untameable energy

Our Thoughts:

The team at Genesis truly love working out as much as the next guy. That’s why we were so happy to try NOX XE Edge by BSN, it delivered on its promises of insane energy and focus, and we couldn’t get enough of it! Offering an incredible boost to anyone looking to get more from their training, and with delicious flavours, we highly recommend you give NO X XE Edge a go!



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