Oxywhey is one of our favourite products in the store. With its amazing blend of proteins and precursor products, it makes it a formidable weapon to be added into any supplement user’s arsenal. If you are chasing a protein blend that tastes like it should be incredibly bad for you but has fewer calories than a can of tuna then you have found the protein for you. The readily bioavailable protein and added digestive enzyme make this a favourite with us here at Genesis Nutrition. Oxywhey can be used as that in-between meals snack to curb out any sweet cravings, or as a post-workout to increase in recovery and lean muscle growth.  Combined with Oxyshred by EHP Labs, you are looking at the best stack for gaining lean muscle whilst at the same time cutting away excess body fat - keeping your metabolic rate on the right track for that body you have always been chasing.