Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Written by Declan B Jul 03, 2019
Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Staying healthy after the baby is born is incredibly important, as it will allow you to enjoy time with your baby and get the most out of being a new mum.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

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Published by Declan B

Going through pregnancy and having a baby is a dream come true for many women. It is a wonderful start to a new chapter of life! Although pregnancy was a challenge, another challenge may remain - how do I lose weight after the baby is born?!

Carrying extra weight after pregnancy is very common. It’s important to be realistic that extra weight gain is a natural part of the pregnancy process and can take a bit of time to shed off the extra kgs after postpartum. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to safely lose weight after your baby has arrived. 

Staying healthy after the baby is born is incredibly important, as it will allow you to enjoy time with your baby and get the most out of being a new mum. Taking care of yourself and eating a healthy diet will also help to promote healing and recovery in your body. 

At Genesis, we are all about supporting people no matter where they are in their weight loss journey. This column covers the benefits, tips and tricks to shed off the weight after postpartum. We hope these tips offer some great help and we wish you success on returning to your desired healthy weight!


Natural Ways Your Body Will Lose Weight

Just after delivery, your body will automatically start losing weight. Weight loss can be in the form of the baby itself, your amniotic fluid and placenta, and even water weight! After all the excess fluid is gone, what remains is the extra fat that the woman added during pregnancy. 

Breastfeeding is another way that your body naturally loses weight after postpartum. If you choose to breastfeed your child, it can provide many benefits for both the mother and baby. The first three months may make weight loss more difficult due to an increase of calorie needs and intake, but after three months, breastfeeding may help you lose some extra weight in the long run. 

The truth is that no one (not even celebrities!) snaps right back into their pre-baby so quickly. Losing extra kilos after pregnancy can be slow and stubborn. But with incorporating exercise and a healthy diet into your routine, getting back to pre-pregnancy weight can be a smooth process. Women should be able to lose their weight by around six months after they give birth. So stick to a plan and you’ll be back to your goals in no time! Make sure you check with a doctor about what is a safe amount of weight to lose after pregnancy.


Tip 1: Eat Enough Calories

Many women after pregnancy try to “crash diet” in order to lose weight quickly after postpartum. Crash diets are very low-calorie diets that aim to make you lose a large amount of weight in the shortest amount of time possible. The issue with this is that your body needs good nutrition to heal and recover after delivering a baby! You also need to be consuming enough calories if you are breastfeeding too. It can be hard to get all the essential nutrients when eating a very low-calorie diet, as well as that it may promote extra cravings and tiredness. The best advice we have for starting your post-pregnancy weight-loss journey is to stick to a slightly lower - yet healthy - amount of calories that you would normally eat during the day. 

For example, a woman with a currently stable weight could decrease her calorie intake by about 500 calories per day to stimulate safe weight loss of about 0.5kg per week. If your average calories per day is 2,000 calories, you could eat 300 fewer calories and burn an extra 200 calories through exercise, making a reduction of 500 calories in total. 

Tracking calories is a popular and well-known method for gradual weight loss. It can also help ensure you are eating enough calories to provide you with the energy and nutrition you need. You can track calories by keeping a food diary, taking photos of what you’ve eaten, or simply using a mobile phone app that helps you track what you eat throughout the day. Using these techniques can help you reduce your portion sizes and choose healthier foods, which ultimately supports weight loss. 

Once you are ready to start tracking calories or starting a diet, make sure to check with your doctor or a nutritionist about what is the right calorie restriction for you. 


Tip 2: Great Foods For Postpartum Weight-Loss

There are many great foods to help you lose weight after the baby is born. Some of the best foods to look out for include: 

Low-fat foods

Fat has twice as many calories as carbohydrates or protein, so trimming the extra fat from your diet is probably the easiest way to cut calories! Opt for low-fat or fat-free dairy products, as well as broiled or baked rather than fried foods. The goal is to not eliminate fat as its an important nutrient, but choose “good” fats over “bad” fats wherever you can. The best fats are mono- and polyunsaturated fats, found in foods like avocado, olives, nuts and seeds, and fatty fish like salmon. 

Eat foods high in fibre

Foods high in fibre may help with weight loss by increasing feelings of fullness and regulating appetite hormones. High-fiber foods include fruits (like apples, oranges, and berries) as well as vegetables (like carrots, broccoli, leafy greens and pumpkin). Another great addition of high-fiber foods include whole grains, legumes and nuts and seeds. There are so many ways to sneak more high-fiber foods into your lifestyle! You can make smoothies, use fruit or vegetable salsas, incorporate more vegetable reduction sauces, eat vegetable puree soups, try grilled vegetables, adding more shredded carrots to your sandwich, and more!

Choose healthy proteins

Including protein in your diet can boost metabolism and keep you satisfied for longer throughout the day. Healthy sources of protein include lean meats, eggs fish, legumes, nuts and seeds. To decrease your saturated fat intake and also increase fibre, try incorporating more plant-based proteins into your diet! This could mean eating a burger patty out of black beans instead of beef or eating a lentil stew. You can also take a quality protein powder supplement to make consuming protein easier. At Genesis we recommend, as it has safe ingredients and is perfect for postpartum recovery. 

Stock up on healthy snacks

The foods available around you can have a big effect on what you eat. If your pantry is stocked with unhealthy snacks or processed foods, then you’re more likely to reach for them the next time cravings strike. Stock up on healthy snacks like cut vegetables, nuts, fruit and yoghurt. You can also stock up on healthier snack options like broccoli chips and protein bars! Can make a genesis recommendation here


Tip 3: What to Avoid for Postpartum Weight-Loss

While there are many amazing foods and supplements you can take post pregnancy to benefit weight-loss, there are also certain things to avoid:

Avoid added sugar and refined carbs

Sugar and refined carbs are high in calories and usually low in nutrients. A high intake of added sugar and refined carbs is associated with an increase in weight, diabetes and heart disease. Try and avoid sugary products like soft drinks, fruit juice, plain sugar, white flour, cakes, biscuits, pastries, and other baked goods. Get into the habit of reading food labels - if sugar is one of the main ingredients on there, then it’s probably not the best idea to buy that product. The next time you’re craving sugar, reach for fresh fruit instead. To help limit sugar intake, stick to whole foods like vegetables, legumes, meats, fish, eggs, nuts and yoghurt. 

Avoid highly processed foods

Processed foods are high in sugar, unhealthy fats, salt and calories, all of which can counteract your weight loss efforts. They include pre-packed foods like cookies, baked goods, candy and chips. Although they’re super convenient, they are also designed to be addictive so that you go back for more. Try not to eat low quality processed foods wherever you can. Your body is incredible - it just gave birth to a beautiful life source! Therefore it is important to feed it foods that will make you feel incredible in return. You can reduce the amount of processed foods you eat by replacing them with fresh, whole, nutrient-dense foods.

Avoid alcohol

Although many of us love a glass of red wine here or there, alcohol, in general, isn’t great for weight loss. This is because alcohol provides extra calories without nutrition, thus leading to extra fat being stored in the body. If you are breastfeeding, this is also another reason to keep alcohol intake to a minimum. This is because alcohol can cause a temporary reduction in breast milk volume in mothers who are breastfeeding. It also may pass through the breast milk into your baby! No alcohol levels are considered safe for infants. If you do drink, consider leaving time for the alcohol to clear your body or simply express milk before drinking alcohol.


Tip 4: Get Moving With Your Baby

Exercise in general has many amazing benefits - it improves heart health, reduces the risk and severity of diabetes, and helps you lose weight! Although exercise alone may not help you lose weight, it will if you combine it with great supplements and nutrition. If you can’t leave your baby’s side, bring your baby along to exercise with you! Here are some great exercises to get moving with your baby:


Going for a walk

Use a stroller to take your baby for a morning or afternoon walk! This is a perfect way to ease you into more walking and cardio, plus can be great fun for your new-born baby to explore the world. Walking with a stroller also creates room for social time too, as you can invite friends and other mums to walk with you. 

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss


At-home exercises

There a multitude of at-home exercises you can perform with your baby. Here are our favourites! *Keep in mind that when performing exercises where your baby must hold his head up on his own, be sure he can do so without discomfort (usually starting at 3 to 4 months old)

Baby Dancing for cardio: Either hold your baby or carry him in a front carrier that keeps him close to your body and supports his head. Put on some music you love then dance! Keep your abs drawn in and avoid turning quickly or bouncing. You can also place your baby in a bouncy seat and dance around him! 

Curl-Up for abs: Lie face up on the floor with knees bent and feet plat. Place your baby in a seated position on or just above your pubic bone. Hold him securely under his arms with your fingers wrapped around his torso. Next, contract your abs and lift your head and shoulder blades off the floor. Try curl up for 2 counts and down for 3 counts. Exhale through your mouth as you curl up. Do 15 to 20 reps. Rest and play, then do 1 more set. 

Overhead Press for back, shoulder and arms: Sit cross-legged, holding your baby in front of your chest with your elbows bent. Next, straighten your arms upward without locking your elbows. Pause, then lower your baby to starting position. Do 10 reps. Rest and play, then do 2 more sets. 

Plies for legs and butt: Hold your baby or place him in a front carrier, making sure his head is well supported. Stand with your feet farther than hip-width apart, turning feed our slightly. Keep your abs drawn in and bend your knees, lowering your hips and pressing your weight into the heels. Slowly straighten your legs and squeeze your buttocks to return to standing.


Tip 5: Battling Stress

Coping with the demands of a new baby and everything else that may be going on in your life can be stressful. Your body has been challenged hormonally, physically, emotionally, and psychologically, not to mention you have a newborn baby to care for! No wonder you feel stressed out. The chemical responses in the body from stress can also bring weight loss to a halting grind, so that is why easing your mind of stress is so important if you’re trying to lose weight. Here are some tips that may help you battle stress:  

Get some shut-eye

We know, getting some sleep whilst caring for a newborn baby is easier said than done. Make sure to sleep as often as you can, as sleep deprivation will make everything seem worse. Rest when your baby naps, or sleep in close proximity of your baby at night so you can attend to him quickly and efficiently. Even if you can’t actually sleep, close your eyes and take deep breaths to relax. Sleep is nature’s way to help you recuperate and keep your body functioning in tip-top shape! 

Make time for yourself

Private time is vital to your emotional well-being. Spend half an hour each evening doing something you enjoy - this helps put other things out of your mind and relax. Take a hot bath, read a good book, get your nails done, rent a movie in the middle of the day… all of these activities help make yourself a priority and give you that much-needed time for yourself. Create a list of things you used to do that make you feel good or miss! Follow through with these once or twice a week when you need a lift. 

Get support

Make the most of all the help you can get, whether it is from family members or external sources. Hire a babysitter to come watch the baby while you do a few errands or rest, or call on friends to talk out your feelings and give you an ease of mind. Always accept offers for home-cooked meals or babysitting as it will free up your to-do list and help your stress levels fade away. Although we all love to be a perfectionist at times, being a parent is one thing nobody is perfect at. So reach out to family members, friends, babysitter and support groups for help! 


Best Supplements for Post Pregnancy

During the busy period of post-pregnancy life, it can be hard to keep up with all these weight-loss tips. Perhaps you’re great at finding times to relax or exercise with your baby but still lack in eating enough healthy foods. 

Supplements are a great way to provide your body with additional nutrients where areas of your diet might be lacking. At Genesis we firmly believe that a balanced diet is the essential part of overall health and wellbeing, so you should always put that first and foremost. Adding supplements can be an optional and beneficial addition to our lifestyle to improve areas of our nutrition where we need it most. Here are some supplements that may prove great for post-pregnancy:


We hope you enjoy these Post Pregnancy Weight Loss tips! Remember, it took you nine months to gain the weight so slimming down might be as challenging as it was before pregnancy. Your body may look different to what it was before birth, but all of that is OK! You brought a fabulous human being into this world that adores you. Now you can only do the best you can to care for an amazing human being and look after your health too. Follow these tips and you’ll surely lose the excess pregnancy weight in no time!


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