Pre War by Body War Nutrition | Extreme Pre Workout - Genesis Review! Written by Customer Care Jun 03, 2019
Pre War by Body War Nutrition | Extreme Pre Workout - Genesis Review!

Body War is an Australian supplement company that grew significantly with the success of their fat burner, Body Shred. Body War Nutrition pride themselves on knowing what Australians want because of their extensive knowledge of the Australian Supplement Industry. They provide high quality products that produce great results!

Genesis Review - Pre War by Body War Nutrition | Extreme Pre Workout

Supplement review | Jun 03, 2019
Published by Customer Care

What is Pre War by Body War Nutrition?

Pre War is an Australian designed pre-workout that is formulated to provide lasting energy as well as a better muscle pump! The added agmatine in this product helps to create a better muscle pump enhancement, giving you a fuller look during and after your workout. At Genesis, this is one of our favourite pre-workouts. Taken 20mins before training, you'll experience all the hallmarks of an excellent PWO; slight tingles, laser focus and roadmap vascularity.


How does Body War Pre War Work?

Pre War contains a number of compounds which all work synergistically to provide the ultimate workout. Dendrobium extract which is known for its mood enhancing effects, beta aline, creatinol o phosphate and dicreatine malate for endurance and power output, agmatine sulfate and citrulline malate for nitric oxide production and a better muscle pump and a combination of l-tyrosine, pikatropin, dendrobium, cymbidium goeringii and AMP citrate for metabolism support and mental performance and energy.

What are the benefits of taking Pre War Pre Workout?

  • Unstoppable Power 

  • No Artificial Colours

  • Extreme Clean Energy

  • Massive Muscle Pumps

  • Razor Sharp Focus

Our Thoughts:

The team at Genesis Nutrition Australia love this product because it has a wide range of benefits rather than just providing energy. This pre-workout will not only ensure your best performance in the gym but it will also enhance you muscle pump. With a multitude of ingredients that are sure to increase nitric oxide production you will leave the gym looking full and feeling better than ever!

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