Pro Lean by Gen-Tec Nutrition | Lean Whey Protein - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team May 30, 2019
Pro Lean by Gen-Tec Nutrition | Lean Whey Protein - Genesis Review!

Gen-Tec Nutrition truly is the answer to the endless prayers of the traditional 'hardcore' trainer. Great time and effort is invested in each and every product, none more so than Pro Lean Protein! Pro Lean has been designed as a meal replacement protein that omits any unnecessary fillers and leaves only the contents that align with your goals. That's the sign of a true protein masterpiece!

Genesis Review - Pro Lean by Gen-Tec Nutrition | Lean Whey Protein

Supplement review | May 30, 2019
Published by Genesis Team

What is Pro Lean by Gen-Tec Nutrition?

More than anything else, Pro Lean is an exceptional blend of ingredients that have been carefully dosed for your consumption pleasure. Unlike other meal replacement proteins that are solely focused on caloric value, Pro Lean only uses high-grade protein that keeps you fuller and more energised for an extended period of time!

How does Pro Lean by Gen-Tec Nutrition Work?

Gen-Tec Nutrition is right on the money with Pro Lean, incorporating high quality sustained release protein, which is highly suitable for satiety and assuring cravings do not blow your caloric intake out of control! Made up of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and micellar casein, fat burning compounds AND over 40 essential nutrients, Pro Lean is your number one meal replacement option!

What are the Benefits of Taking Pro Lean by Gen-Tec Nutrition?

  • An intuitive blend of WPC/WPI/Micellar Casein
  • Perfect meal replacement option
  • Compounds for fat burning
  • Eliminates cravings
  • Sustained release proteins

Our Thoughts:

We've stocked up on Pro Lean here at Genesis Nutrition because we know they're bound to be flying out the door! Gen-Tec Nutrition knows their stuff when it comes to protein and it emanates through this incredible product. Applying a 'no stone unturned' attitude, Gen-Tec has managed to create a meal replacement for the ages - one that blows all others out of the water. A definite wake up call for the competitors and one Team Genesis love!

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