PSI by EHP Labs | Pre-Workout - Genesis Review! Written by Customer Care Mar 27, 2019
PSI by EHP Labs | Pre-Workout - Genesis Review!

PSI is a stimulant-free pre-workout supplement by EHP Labs. 

Genesis Review - PSI by EHP Labs | Pre-Workout

Supplement review | Mar 27, 2019
Published by Customer Care
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What is PSI by EHP Labs?

PSI is a stimulant-free pre-workout supplement by EHP Labs. By cutting out the hard-hitting stimulants and focusing on a purer, pump formulation (we're talking serious pump; like an industrial air compressor to a yoga ball), PSI allows you greater flexibility in how you use it. As a standalone pre-workout supplement, PSI by EHP Labs will catalyse your strength, recovery and muscular endurance; with vasodilative properties, nutrients are readily shuttled through the blood stream to sate stressed muscles. As a pre-workout add-on, you can also stack PSI with another stim-based pre-workout supplement for an even greater energy boost and even keener focus.

How does PSI by EHP Labs work?

PSI by EHP Labs is, fundamentally, a "Vasodilator Nutrient Delivery Maximiser" (AKA pump formula) which has been developed using clinically dosed ingredients. The result? A skin-tearing pre-workout free from caffeine and other stimulants. PSI is highly effective at boosting N.O. (Nitric Oxide) levels, which in turn allows the body to expand the blood vessels, increase blood flow and shuttle important nutrients and oxygen to stressed muscles. It's the increased free-flow of blood and higher N.O. levels which makes you feel "pumped", the delivery of which rapidly increases the body's ability to repair free radical damage as you work out. PSI by EHP Labs is able to achieve this by utilising ingredients: Citrulline Malate, L-AAKG and Agmatine Sulphate. There are plenty of alternate pump formulas on the market today, however, the addition of L-Tyrosine and Taurine in PSI will allow you to maximise your muscle contractions, create the mind-muscle connection and train at a higher intensity.

What are the benefits of taking PSI by EHP Labs? 

  • Assists with fat loss
  • Helps to boost energy
  • Aids overall weight loss process
  • Supports lean muscle mass
  • Assists effective metabolism and appetite

Our Thoughts:

PSI by EHP Labs is an excellent, non-stim pre-workout supplement for anyone looking to find focus, without the caffeine kick. Blood volumising (pump) formulas are increasing in popularity as the sports supplement market continues to saturate. For the consumer, this is only good news; competition for your business is fierce, and there has never been as much choice as there is today, with every manufacturer experimenting with their point-of-difference, tweaked formulas. PSI by EHP Labs promises to deliver a quality formula and assist you in maximising your performance inside the gym. Does it work? Yes. Yes, it does. From personal experience, we found PSI to deliver some serious muscle fullness; the pump was phenomenal and, thanks to the stimulant-free formula, not only did we not feel the typical pre-workout crash, but the flexibility of being able to stack this product with any other of our favourite pre-workout stimulants was fantastic. It effectively meant that training at night was a breeze; there was no need to worry about having a sleepless night.

PSI by EHP Labs comes highly recommended by the team here at Genesis Nutrition. We loved it, and we're sure you will too. Give this one a go, for sure.

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