PWO by Core Nutritionals | Post Workout Recovery Matrix - Genesis Review Written by Genesis Team May 30, 2019
PWO by Core Nutritionals | Post Workout Recovery Matrix - Genesis Review

Core Nutritionals have attempted to replicate the results of clinical studies when it came to creating the formula for Core PWO. Research has shown that fast-acting quality carbs and proteins create optimal conditions for growth and so the blend contains a number of glycogen boosters and cold-processed WPI. This helps to promote enhanced recovery and in turn, better quality muscle growth.

Genesis Review - PWO by Core Nutritionals | Post Workout Recovery Matrix

Supplement review | May 30, 2019
Published by Genesis Team

What is Core PWO by Core Nutritionals?

In order to recover faster and gain lean muscle over time, it's important to make the most of the anabolic window with a strong, post-workout stack. Core PWO works to maximise protein synthesis and glcogen storage while helping to prevent protein breakdown. Together, this provides an enhanced recovery system to help your body reach its optimum health.

How does PWO by Core Nutritionals Work?

Core Nutritionals have created a Recovery Carb Blend as the basis of Core PWO containing dextrose, Carb10 and Cluster Dextrin to form a comprehensive post-workout formula. Dextrose is directly absorbed into the bloodstream while Carb10 and Cluster Dextrin work to balance the insulin response - all without bloating. In addition, Microfiltered Whey Protein Isolate helps to fuel muscle repair while free form Leucine stimulates protein synthesis.

What are the Benefits of Taking Core PWO by Core Nutritionals?

  • Enhances muscle repair
  • Reduced onset of DOMS
  • Promotes lean muscle gains
  • Fast acting carbohydrates and proteins
  • Low fat

Our Thoughts:

If you are looking to add a quality post workout mix to your stack, look no further than Core PWO. Core Nutritionals have put together an impressive formula that really delivers the goods. We have noticed faster recovery times after those tough workouts that have us able to work harder over time. Plus, the solid protein content enhances our ability to keep building muscle for a strong, lean silhouette.

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