Release Your Warrior | Gut Health | A Healthy Outside Starts From the Inside - Genesis Guide! Written by Genesis Team Jun 25, 2019
Release Your Warrior | Gut Health | A Healthy Outside Starts From the Inside - Genesis Guide!

Our gut is now often referred to as the second brain - a bad diet can not only affect how we look, but also how we feel and act.

Release Your Warrior | Gut Health | A Healthy Outside Starts From the Inside - Genesis Guide!

Help-guides | Jun 25, 2019
Published by Genesis Team

Our gut is now often referred to as the second brain - a bad diet can not only affect how we look, but also how we feel and act. If we look inside our gut and large intestines, there is a little pocket of bacteria known as our gut microbiome. What is that you may ask? Well, it holds trillions of good bacteria designed to absorb and synthesise important nutrients in order to help your body function! These trillions of bacteria hold thousands of different species, each one playing a different role in the body. As you grow, your microbiome diversifies and contains more and more of these microbial species. The higher microbiome diversity, the better it is for your health! 

So why is your gut microbiome important for how you look and feel? Well, your gut microbiome can affect many different aspects about your body and overall health. It can affect weight gain, gut health, heart health, diabetes and brain health - thus it’s very important to keep your gut healthy and happy! 

One of our favourite products here at Genesis is Gutright by ATP Science. Gutright works to reset the gut microbiome to a healthy balance by killing the bad bacteria and toxins in the gut and help the good bacteria thrive. When your gut is responsible for so many important functions, it is crucial to get it into healthy order and remove any excess waste and toxins in the body. Gutright by ATP Science is an excellent way to help get your gut back in order! 

The entire team here at Genesis loves taking care of our gut, and firmly believes that a healthy outside starts from the inside. This book expands on the benefits of good gut health, the negatives of bad gut health, and tips on how you can improve your gut microbiome. Get your gut in the game!


 Release Your Warrior | Gut Health | A Healthy Outside Starts

Why Gut-Health is so Important

Many of us ingest food without really thinking about it. Does this fill us up? Check. Is there enough protein? Check. Is it tasty? Check. This may be the only thought processes when it comes to eating food, as from a young age we were simply taught to eat so that we don’t starve! However, with this attitude, many people fall into thinking most food is treated equal - as long as it fills us up the body will handle the rest, right? Partly wrong. The quality of the food we eat plays an extremely important role in our body and our health. If someone’s chugging down greasy takeaway burgers throughout the week, they’ll often find their mood and appearance being chugged down too. This is why the quality of food is so important! We should always be thinking about the quality of our food, where our food goes and how it affects our mortality and gut health.

If your gut health isn’t great, then the body can’t perform all of the vital functions it was meant to do. Although we love cheat days and unhealthy treats here and there, the last thing we want happening to our body is to develop internal or external issues, body implications or disease. Eating too many bad-quality foods can result in internal inflammation, which means the gut microbiome gets thrown off balance and the immune system is on overdrive to help it out. If our gut microbiome is good in the first place then the immune system can go help other parts of body like fighting disease and flus instead! This is why we should always feed our body a variety of healthy foods, to help out our body and promote more unity with our insides and outsides. 

“All disease begins in the gut.” - Hippocrates

Our gut is now often referred to as the second brain - a bad diet can not only affect how we look, but also how we feel and act.

If we look inside our gut and large intestines, there is a little pocket of bacteria known as our gut microbiome. It holds trillions of good bacteria designed to absorb and synthesise important nutrients in order to help your body function! The higher the microbiome diversity in your gut, the better it is for your health!


Benefits of Good Gut Health

There are many fantastic benefits out of having good gut health. The great roles of good gut bacteria include: 

  • Helping to produce hormones, like serotonin (the hormone that makes you happy)
  • Aiding in the extraction of calories and nutrients (so that your macros really count!)
  • Managing our appetite and body weight (it can help keep hunger at bay and maintain a healthy body weight)
  • Digesting fibre (so you have nicely formed stools :))
  • Controlling our motivation and cognitive health (so we can perform all of our important mental processes like learning new things and remembering what’s for dinner)
  • Helping repair damaged tissues and injuries (got any injuries from working out too hard?)
  • Preventing us from catching colds and viruses (always a win-win!)
  • Promoting great skin health (so you can have glowing, clear skin)


As you can see, achieving a healthy gut and digestive system is a key step in improving health in many parts of the body! ….


Negatives of Bad Gut Health 

Unfortunately, if you don’t take care in what you eat most of the time, your gut health can suffer. This can reflect onto other parts of the body, such as:

  • Mood (Bad probiotic bacteria can influence the body to have bad mood wings and may contribute to depression in some cases)
  • Cravings (Gut bacteria can influence our eating choices, triggering cravings and longing for nutrients they need to survive. For example, if you’re craving chocolate you might be lacking magnesium!)
  • Stress and Anxiety (A gut microbiome out of whack may cause added stress on the body! Healthier humans tend to have less stress and anxiety when their gut microbiome is in order)
  • Hormones (A healthy gut microbiome can balance cortisol levels for stress, boost insulin for energy, control leptin for appetite, signal melatonin for sleep, enhance testosterone for libido, and balance estrogen levels for mood.
  • Diseases (Misfolded proteins in the gut may lead to undesirable diseases like Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's Disease)

If you have bad gut health, symptoms to look out for include excessive wind, bloating, diarrhoea, fatigue and frequent cold and flus. Other unexpected signs include skin irritation, eczema, unexpected changes in mood or a rise in anxiety levels. However, if you have any of these symptoms, it could also be from other underlying reasons. It’s best to check with a doctor if any of these arise!


5 Tips for Great Gut Health


1. Fertilise Your Gut

A healthy diet is possibly the best way to "fertilise" the gut in all the right ways. However, there are also certain foods that promote healthy bacteria called probiotics! Probiotics are the live microorganisms that live inside your gut and are known as the "good bacteria" - they help create the healthy balance of your gut microbiome.

Probiotics may help to ease digestive symptoms like constipation and diarrhoea, while also promoting a healthy boost to the immune system and lowering cortisol levels. You can consume more beneficial probiotics through certain foods and supplements!

2. Relax

Another beneficial way to help your gut microbiome is to remove more stress from your life. I know, easier said than done, right? No matter how ridiculously busy you are or stressful, it is to finish your to-do list; it’s important to put yourself first and relieve stress wherever you can.

This is because long-term stress can wreak havoc on your gut - reducing numbers of beneficial bacteria and causing a negative effect on your overall gut microbiome.

3. Switch Up Your Exercise Routine

Perhaps you already do plenty of exercise, or maybe it’s something you need to work on. Either way, exercise is fantastic for gut health and overall wellbeing! It doesn’t always have to be strenuous, as movement in any form is fantastic. Physical activity makes you feel better, supports health in a variety of ways, and is excellent for the gut microbiome.

4. Drink Up!

Hydration is the next key way to benefit your overall well-being and gut microbiome. We all know how beneficial drinking water is, but may not be incorporating enough in our lifestyles. The human body is 70% water, so it makes sense that drinking enough water will benefit the body’s overall digestive system and health! A good rule is to drink around 2 litres per day for a standard adult.

5. Experiment With Food

The last tip from us at Genesis is to experiment with eating more healthy foods! Yes, incorporating more probiotic-specific foods into your diet is great for your microbial health, but eating a variety of healthy fruits, grains, vegetables, proteins, and Omega-3 rich sources overall is fantastic for your gut microbiome as well. The difference between these food sources and fermented foods is that they are prebiotics rather than probiotics. Prebiotics are what feeds the good bacteria and gives them the environment to thrive in! 

If you incorporate even just a few of these suggestions, you’re already doing a great job for your health! Gut bacteria will always naturally work towards balance, but it really helps to incorporate these tips so you can feel happier and healthier for longer. The microbiome is one of the strongest sources for functioning other parts of your body, so it’s important to always nourish and support it.


About the Author

I'm Jody, a graphic designer fuelled by making a creative difference in the world. Part of my passion involves leading a healthy lifestyle and eating guilt-free food that benefits both my body and soul. 

After finishing three years of full-time study at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, I set out to travel the world to collect creative inspiration for my design career. I also wanted to figure out how to achieve more balance and happiness within myself. What I learnt from travelling every day is that your body is your most important vehicle, you must fuel it with the right nutrients! That is a big contributing factor in your personal well-being and happiness, plus it gives you the drive to step out of your comfort zone and do new things. 

Coming back home I started working for Working at Genesis became such a great fit for me as I can combine my skills of a graphic designer and passion for leading a healthy lifestyle every day. 

Investing in your health is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, and by reading this column you have already taken a step into doing that! Feeling good every day through the food and supplements I take inspires me to help others feel the same - that is the inspiration behind this e-book. On behalf of the team at Genesis, we wish you great success and gains on your fitness journey!


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