Riot by Giant Sports Nutrition | Potent Stimulant - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Jun 02, 2019
Riot by Giant Sports Nutrition | Potent Stimulant - Genesis Review!

Looking for that super high level pump that absolutely knocks your workout out of the water? Then make sure you get your hands on Riot by Giant Sports Nutrition, the pre-workout designed to push you to your limits and beyond.

Genesis Review - Riot by Giant Sports Nutrition | Potent Stimulant

Supplement review | Jun 02, 2019
Published by Genesis Team

What is What is Riot by Giant Sports?

Combining high levels of industry leading stimulants designed to maximise your mental and physical performance, Giant Sports’ Riot is here to step up the game, and to make an impact on even the most seasoned pre-workout user. If you want to push your limits, generate huge pump quickly, create long-lasting endurance and amplify the results of your training, then it’s important you support your workouts with the energy from an effective pre-workout blend like Giant Sports’ Riot.

How does Riot by Giant Sports work?

One of the best things about Riot, is that it is not simply a lot of loud noise and nothing to back up the claim. Not only does Riot provide all the key ingredients you need for a killer session, but it lists them for you too, creating complete transparency around what is in your pre-workout and exactly how much of each ingredient you are taking. With only high-quality, raw stimulants included in this powerful blend, Riot is sure to have you pushing out crazy sessions, focusing harder than before, and getting out that extra rep, every single time.

What are the benefits of taking Riot by Giant Sports?

  • Create unstoppable energy levels
  • Enhance focus and sharpness
  • Boost mood and mentality
  • Increase workout intensity
  • Super potent blend

Our Thoughts:

The team at is highly impressed by what Giant Sports has been able to deliver in their newest pre-workout, Riot. Riot is not here to ‘fool’ anyone – it is here to deliver high quality, focused results based on the highest-quality raw ingredients, delivered at clinical-dosage levels that will help get you where you need to go in terms of training. We love a great pump and an insane workout, and Riot by Giant Sports Nutrition certainly delivered on both fronts, earning it the Genesis tick of approval!

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