Rocket Fuel by Cyborg Sport | Beast Carbs - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Apr 12, 2019
Rocket Fuel by Cyborg Sport | Beast Carbs - Genesis Review!

Designed to literally ‘fuel’ you and your training, give your body the extra energy it needs to get through the most punishing workout with Rocket Fuel by Cyborg Sport. 

Genesis Review - Rocket Fuel by Cyborg Sport | Beast Carbs

Supplement review | Apr 12, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Rocket Fuel by Cyborg Sport?

Cyborg Sport’s Rocket Fuel is a unique carbohydrate blend that supports your athletic performance by providing your body with the sports specific carbohydrates and nutrients it needs to perform at 100%. More reps, more strength, more power and a better workout are all effects that you can expect from taking Rocket Fuel by Cyborg Sport, allowing you to move towards your goals a whole lot faster.

How does Rocket Fuel by Cyborg Sport work?

With almost no taste and high solubility in liquid, Rocket Fuel is designed to be absorbed quickly, moving through your body and being used as fuel at an incredible rate, giving you the extra boost you need to push out even the hardest of sessions. By utilising Karbolyn – a gluten and sugar-free carbohydrate – Cyborg Sport’s Rocket Fuel can be absorbed up to 18% faster than dextrose or sugar, making it the ideal supplement for those athletes wanting to push their limits.

What are the benefits of taking Rocket Fuel by Cyborg Sport?

  • Supports strength & power gains
  • Boosts recovery
  • Stimulant free energy
  • 100% sugar & gluten free
  • Rapid absorption

Our Thoughts:

Rocket Fuel by Cyborg Sport has quickly become one of our favourite carbohydrate sources for a huge number of reasons. When you know you are about to smash a big session, knowing you have the energy behind you that you need to give it your all is crucial, and it’s something the team at knows they can count on when they have Rocket Fuel in them. 100% Genesis approved!



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