Sanctuary by Primeval Labs | Post Cycle Therapy - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Apr 16, 2019
Sanctuary by Primeval Labs | Post Cycle Therapy - Genesis Review!

When it's time to give your body a break after an intense pro-hormone cycle, Sanctuary is here to restore normality and balance without compromising any of those valuable gains. Clinically proven ingredients help to provide organ support, prevent fat gain and muscle wastage and keep natural testosterone production high so that you keep all of your muscle gains without compromising your health.

Genesis Review - Sanctuary by Primeval Labs | Post Cycle Therapy

Supplement review | Apr 16, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Sanctuary by Primeval Labs?

Sanctuary is the perfect all-in-one product for when you've finished a pro-hormone cycle. Rather than losing those valuable gains, taking a post-cycle therapy supplement is vital and Primeval Labs have created a super powerful dose of goodness here. With clinical doses of all the ingredients and no proprietary blends, you know that you're consuming a product backed by solid, clinical evidence.

How does Sanctuary by Primeval Labs work?

Sanctuary contains an impressive, clinically dosed ingredients list including Bulbine Natelensis and Tribulus which act as test boosters to reduce estrogen levels while coming off-cycle. We see Maca Root to boost the libido, estrogen blockers and Laxogenin which acts as an anti-cortisol ingredient and also keeps the body anabolic! Magnesium and Zinc help to promote healthy body function including sexual health while digestive aids and antioxidants to support liver function are also included.

What are the benefits of taking Sanctuary by Primeval Labs?

  • Strong post-cycle support
  • Enhanced strength levels
  • Increased testosterone, reduced estrogen
  • Protects your vital organs
  • Improved recovery times

Our Thoughts:

Here at, we're incredibly impressed with the formula that Primeval Labs have brought to market and it's undoubtedly one of the strongest out there today. If you want to keep the benefits gained from an aggressive pro-hormone cycle, taking some form of support is vital and we're truly astounded with this offering! It also works great for after competitions too so don't delay in getting Sanctuary post-cycle support today!


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