I don’t want to get too big!! I hear this quite often from our customers, especially females that are concerned about taking protein supplements. Let me assure you, at no stage will you ever wake up one morning to find you have developed 20-inch arms or big bulging legs. It’s partly the same unfortunate reason why we won’t develop a six-pack overnight. Body composition and muscular development takes time, dedication and a clear purpose. 

You can also rest assured that you too, can benefit greatly by supplementing your diet with a protein shake or two. Protein comes in a wide variety of blends and for many specific goals, the most common of which are

  • Muscle recovery/Maintenance - For people involved in sports, general training for health and fitness and for those that are happy with their current shape and size, it is important to be getting the right type of protein to recover and maintain the muscles. For this purpose you will need to be getting a protein with a reasonably high bio-availability, that is to say, something that our bodies can access and use quickly after activity. A WPI/WPC blend is perfect for this as it provides the right proteins for rapid recovery, whilst keeping the calories and fats to a minimum.   
  • Mass gainers – For those hoping to gain new muscle and to increase overall body weight, a mass gainer is a fantastic and convenient option. Post-training it is vital to be getting quality calories, the right carbohydrates and the right proteins. The right carbs will mean you absorb the protein about 200% better.  To begin to build towards greater body mass we need our bodies to be in a “calorie-rich environment”. This means we need to be ingesting more calories than we are using.  If our bodies do not get enough consistent calories, it cannot build muscle that it will not be able to maintain. A good Mass Gainer will have everything your body needs to grow in one simple and convenient shake. Look for a product that contains high levels of sustained release proteins, high levels of carbs ( with a low percentage of sugars), and other muscle building aids like healthy fats, oils and creatines.
  • Shaping/Toning – For those hoping to reduce body fat percentage and tone up muscle, it is important to choose a protein that will give you the best results. Obviously, we want to avoid extra calories, the less we ingest, the less we need to burn. So a pure WPI or Hydrolyzed WPI is the choice most will aim for such as ICE by Horleys or International Proteins Whey Isolate. WPI products are the fasted and easiest protein for the human body to absorb, and will typically range from 85% to 93% protein. This high bio-availability makes them ideal for leaning up the body by providing the required proteins without any extra calories coming into the equation. Another option is to find a lean protein with added thermogenic properties. These types of shakes can be highly effective when used as a meal supplement, providing you with a high protein, low fat, low carb option with added metabolic boosters and appetite suppressants. Look to find yourself products with minimal sugars and active ingredients like L-carnitine, Green Tea and L-Glutamine.
  • General protein intake – For those looking to increase their general protein intake, which may be low due to intolerances or personal preferences, there is a range of proteins to suit - generally blended options such as Tempro by Dorian Yates and Myofusion by Gaspari Nutrition are ideal. For those with allergies or intolerances, there are different protein sources such as pea and vegetable. 

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