Synthapro by XCD Nutrition | No Dairy Protein - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team May 20, 2019
Synthapro by XCD Nutrition | No Dairy Protein - Genesis Review!

If you're searching for a way to boost your lean muscle mass without the dairy-heavy products, Synthapro by XCD Nutrition is a great alternative! The delicious formula is derived from plant-based sources to create a high protein nutritional supplement without the lactose. It's a lean source of complete proteins that help to prevent muscle breakdown!

Genesis Review - Synthapro by XCD Nutrition | No Dairy Protein

Supplement review | May 20, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
  1. Genesis Rating 8.6 / 10
  2. Brand XCD Nutrition
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What is Synthapro by XCD Nutrition?

Synthapro is a great, flexible protein shake designed to provide a powerful dose of amino acids to promote muscle build. If you want to maximise your workouts, this XCD Nutrition supplement can help to prevent muscle breakdown and keep you gaining by targeting cellular and metabolic functions. And even better, it tastes great and it's even low in calories!

How does Synthapro Work?

Synthapro is different to many other protein shakes on the market with a non-milky finish perfect for those who don't like drinking thick shakes each day. It's one of the cleanest dairy-free alternatives out there with high quality, instantiated free form amino acids derived from plant-based sources. The addition of coconut water electrolytes makes this formula incredibly fast acting and perfect to add to your post-workout stack.

What are the benefits of taking Synthapro by XCD Nutrition?

  • Dairy-free
  • Encourages muscle growth
  • Contributes to a high protein diet
  • Instantised amino acids
  • Zero carbs and fats

Our Thoughts:

The Genesis team are huge fans of XCD Nutrition as a brand and Synthapro hits their high standards! The plant-based protein is suitable for vegans, those who can't digest lactose or anybody who simply wants a healthier option than traditional dairy-based protein shakes. The instantiated formula absorbs quickly to fuel the muscles more effectively to help us reach our goals. Plus, it contains zero carbs and fat while still tasting great!

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