Tango by Redcon 1 | Premium Creatine Blend - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Apr 02, 2019
Tango by Redcon 1 | Premium Creatine Blend - Genesis Review!

Tango by Redcon1 is the perfect supplement for muscle strength support, increased muscle recovery, and endurance.

Genesis Review - Tango by Redcon 1 | Premium Creatine Blend

Supplement review | Apr 02, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
  1. Genesis Rating 8.9 / 10
  2. Brand Redcon1
  3. Category Creatine
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What is Tango by Recon1?

Tango by Redcon 1 is a jam-packed creatine supplement that has been formulated with 3 forms of creatine, Betaine and supports with the absorption of creatine. Tango has been carefully designed to ensure you stay hydrated, aids in absorbing creatine and assists with retaining more water in the muscles to enhance protein synthesis. Redcon 1 tells all with this ground-breaking, stating that it will assist with increasing strength, enhance performance, and aid with muscle and training recovery.

How does Tango by Redcon1 work?

If you are wanting to increase your performance, then Redcon 1’s revolutionary creatine supplement, Tango, will be the perfect product for you. Tango has been formulated to assist with muscle growth since Redcon 1 incorporated a larger ATP production and used muscle-enhancing ingredients that will cause rapid protein synthesis. Since creatine supplements have the common side effects of dehydration, Redcon 1 ensured to enhance water retention in the muscles that will assist with ultimately impacting the process of protein synthesis. Tango is a phenomenal supplement that is designed for serious athletes who would like more assistance in improving performance and muscle growth. 

What are the benefits of taking Tango by Redcon1?

  • Increase ATP Production
  • Enhance Muscle Recovery
  • Increase Endurance
  • Supports Muscle Strength
  • Betaine for Maximum Hydration

Our Thoughts:

The entire team at Genesis are obsessed with Tango by Redcon 1. Just when we thought we had seen the entire world of supplements, Redcon 1 has taken their product to a whole new level of expectations. Tango consists with a high-dose of creatine, as well as Betaine for greater hydration support and an increase in protein synthesis, making it the perfect supplement muscle strength support, increased muscle recovery and endurance. Tango has definitely got the Genesis tick of approval.



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