Tempro by Dorian Yates Nutrition | Time Release Blend - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team May 21, 2019
Tempro by Dorian Yates Nutrition | Time Release Blend - Genesis Review!

Whey protein blends are without a doubt the most plentiful within the supplementation market. So who wears the crown in such an abundant industry? Tempro by Dorian Yates, of course! This highly technical timed-release protein is a complex yet intuitive whey protein source that's as lean as it is mean. Designed for enhanced recovery, Tempro trumps the competition.

Genesis Review - Tempro by Dorian Yates Nutrition | Time Release Blend

Supplement review | May 21, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Tempro by Dorian Yates?

Best described as an effective recovery protein, Tempro achieves its superior quality through the combination of some of the best quality protein sources available, as well as glutamine peptides which only further establish it as one of the best to date. Being such an easily digestible protein, Dorian Yates takes the cake with Tempro!

How does Tempro Work?

As previously mentioned, Tempro is a cold processed protein blend that utilises 7 different protein sources such as micellar casein and glutamine peptides, including a massive 4 varieties of whey! In order to ensure fullness and energy over a prolonged period, Tempro has implemented a multi-stage release which is ideal for fighting off unwanted cravings!

What are the benefits of taking Tempro by Dorian Yates?

  • 7 different protein sources
  • Great recovery protein option
  • Lean formula
  • Multi-stage release for sustained energy
  • Easy to digest and tastes great

Our Thoughts:

If you consider yourself to be a keen athlete that's dedicated to the art, Tempro is without a doubt a protein that aligns with your goals. The Genesis team were gobsmacked at how great Tempro tasted and the prolonged energy we were able to enjoy. Being a fantastic recovery option, we would highly recommend this to anyone that places emphasis on protein QUALITY over quantity!

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