Test X by Dorian Yates | Male Enhancement Formula - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team May 21, 2019
Test X by Dorian Yates | Male Enhancement Formula - Genesis Review!

Strength. Vitality. Recovery. That's the philosophy behind the new Dorian Yates Test X! Test X is a dedicated male enhancement formula that looks to set your genetic potential free and drastically improve your performance and endurance. This is done through a concoction of different test boosting ingredients that are second to none when it comes to overall quality!

Genesis Review - Test X by Dorian Yates | Male Enhancement Formula

Supplement review | May 21, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Test X by Dorian Yates?

Self-described as a premium male enhancement formula, this test booster is unlike many others on the market, with the inclusion of scientifically backed ingredients a key indicator of its quality. Ideal for muscle gain and fat loss, the benefits of this test booster stretch far behind just the gym. Let's put it under the microscope!

How does Test X Work?

If you're going to present your product as a 'complete' testosterone booster, you better back up your words. This is exactly what Dorian Yates does, with proven test boosting ingredients such as Tribulus, DAA and even an 'in-built' estrogen blocker (DIM), all of which combine to improve strength, power output, endurance and even libido. We told you its benefits are more than just set in the gym!

What are the benefits of taking Test X by Dorian Yates?

  • Proven test boosting ingredients
  • Premium quality supplement
  • Improves strength and power
  • Enhance your libido
  • Built-in estrogen blocker (DIM)

Our Thoughts:

If there's any feature of a test booster that should be emphasised, its the versatility it possesses. Dorian Yates has ensured this synergistic blend has this is abundance with Test X! The Genesis team loved the way in which we were able to maintain a lean physique while constantly making improvements in our performance, both inside the gym and out!

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