Three-D by Muscle Nation | Pump Formula - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Mar 26, 2019
Three-D by Muscle Nation | Pump Formula - Genesis Review!

What is Three-D by Muscle Nation?

Containing a matrix of highly effective non-stim ingredients that work synergistically together to promote m

Genesis Review - Three-D by Muscle Nation | Pump Formula

Supplement review | Mar 26, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Three-D by Muscle Nation?

Containing a matrix of highly effective non-stim ingredients that work synergistically together to promote muscle strength and endurance, focus and motivation, and of course an undeniable muscle pump. This caffeine and stimulant-free formula allows you to enjoy a sustainable supply of energy and performance without stimulants.

For those of you that find yourselves reaching for the strongest pre-workout on the shelf only to find yourself doubling up on servings as your no longer feeling the effects? Sounds like you need a break from the potions of high stimulant products you have now become immune to. We have just the product, Three-D pump and performance pre-workout by Muscle Nation.

How does Three-D by Muscle Nation work?


We know from experience that Three-D helps provide skin split pumps, but how? GlycerPump which is a relatively new to market ingredient chosen by Muscle Nation for its incredible ability to increase the concentration of fluid in the blood and intracellular tissues, which in turn increases exercise performance and overall muscle pumps. Additionally, Nitrosigine, Vaso 6 and L-Citrulline have also been added to the mix to provide a potent and highly effective matrix of ingredients that promote the production of nitric oxide through arginine. However, this process also produces an enzyme called Arginase, which limits the amount of nitric oxide your body can create. To combat this issue Muscle Nation have added L-Norvaline to the formula to inhibit arginase production, allowing your body to produce more nitric oxide and subsequently, larger, stronger and more intense muscle pumps.

Strength & Performance

Muscle Nation has certainly not skimped out on providing a well-rounded formula with the production of Three-D. Strength, endurance and power have not been forgotten.

A generous dose of Betaine Anhydrous and elevATP has been included in the formula to promote an increase in muscle endurance and muscle strength. ElevATP is a patented ingredient that is recognised for its ability to help boost ATP levels, which in turn helps to increase strength and power output. Put simply, when more ATP is available, the better you are able to perform. Betaine Anhydrous has also been added to the mix due to its ability to enhance muscle oxygen consumption, boost muscle protein synthesis, increase muscle endurance and enhance muscle power output.

Mood Enhancement & Focus (Nootropics)

Containing not only pump and performance enhancing ingredients but also a Nootropic blend for focus, mood enhancement and alertness, you can be really sure there is icing on top of the cake with this product. With over 1,600mg of Nootropics to give your body exactly what it needs you can expect to experience razor-sharp focus and an elevated mood to add to the already impressive performance formula. Three-D provides a sustainable, reliable and synergistic supply of focus and energy to help you get the most out of your workout.

What are the Pros and Cons of taking Three-D by Muscle Nation?


  • Stimulant & Caffeine Free
  • Provides Clean Source of Energy, Focus, Pump & Performance


  • For the amount of servings contained Three-D is on the pricey side

Who is Three-D by Muscle Nation Suitable for?

As Three-D is non-stim it is a great option for those who are stimulant sensitive or just starting out with supplements but are still looking for an effective pre-workout performance product. Three-D is also ideal for those who have overused stimulant products and as such are no longer feeling the effects.

Our Thoughts:

Three-D is the ultimate pump and performance formula, designed to provide you with mental focus, enhanced mood and insane pumps. Muscle Nation has really nailed Three-D which goes above and beyond being just a pump product. Three-D offers a very comprehensive non-stimulant blend that is dosed optimally to provide performance you can rely on without the stimulants. Muscle Nation has easily created Three-D to be a front-runner in the stimulant free pre-workout market.



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