Titan Pre-Workout by Premier Nutrition | Great Tasting Energy - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Apr 05, 2019
Titan Pre-Workout by Premier Nutrition | Great Tasting Energy - Genesis Review!

Titan Pre-Workout is set to become your new favourite training partner!

Genesis Review - Titan Pre-Workout by Premier Nutrition | Great Tasting Energy

Supplement review | Apr 05, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Titan Pre-Workout by Premier Nutrition?

Premier Nutrition is hard to beat when it comes to reputation - their Titan bars took the supplement world by storm and their protein products have done the same. Titan pre-workout helps to promote crazy energy levels and skin splitting pumps while also enhancing focus and endurance. It's an unbeatable combination with an impressive taste!

How does Titan Pre-Workout by Premier Nutrition work?

Premier Nutrition has based their Titan pre-workout on potent, tested ingredients designed to push your body to the limits. The combination of Creatine, Citrulline, Taurine, Theobromine and Beta Alanine creates insane energy, provides massive pumps and banishes fatigue while keeping you focused on the task in hand. It's a strong pre-workout formula designed to help you to get the best out of each session.

What are the benefits of taking Titan Pre-Workout by Premier Nutrition?

  • Huge energy boost
  • Skin splitting pumps
  • Laser focus
  • Advanced combination of ingredients
  • Tasty flavours

Our Thoughts:

The team here at Genesis.com.au can't get enough of Premier Nutrition products and we have to say that Titan Pre Workout looks to be on the same level! It delivers everything that we look for in terms of focus, energy, and pumps while fighting fatigue. The flavour range is delicious and we're loving that there's no awful post-workout crash afterwards! It's a big tick of approval from us here at Genesis!



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