Combat athletes will generally have a very different approach to nutrition than your average athlete, and rightly so. Combat sports place tremendous stress on the body, with physical strength, speed and cardiovascular fitness all needing to be at an optimal level. Nutrition’s role in recovery also needs to be at an optimal level to suit.

A taste of training like a fighter can be achieved and greatly benefited from by anyone with at least a medium level of fitness, and great fun with a partner.  

Give this routine a try and get ready for the egg yolks!

  1. 10 push-ups, 10 squat thrusts (see below), 20 meter sprint. 
    Repeat 3-5 times without rest.

  2. Lock feet with your partner and complete 20 sit-ups, alternating hands for high-fives as you go! 
    Repeat for 3 sets in total. 

  3. Alternating partners for 30 second sprints of punching pads ( no pads, no problem. Bare hands are fine, this is about pace, not power). 
    Change up the angle and height of the targets to vary the exercise. Repeat for 6 sets each in total.

  4. Frog leaps 30 seconds on, 15 seconds break. 
    Repeat for 5 sets in total.

  5. Lying scissor kicks 30 seconds on, roll and bridge of 30 seconds. 
    Rest and repeat 3-5 times

  6. Complete 8-12 minutes of interval cycling or treadmill. 
    Remember to keep your tempo high focus on keeping your breathing under control.

The focus of a session like this is to keep your heart rate elevated. Combat sport training is all about preparing the body for short bursts of high intensity with short rests. Training of this sort keeps a toned physique, helps maintain flexibility, strong core and a high level of cardio fitness.

Keep yourself hydrated throughout, a good BCAA can greatly increase results, helping to maintain muscle and to keep you burning all that stored energy AKA fat! And ensure you get yourself a good lean protein to recover nice and quick.