Utopia(n) by De Novo Nutrition - Focus and Concentration Enhancer! Written by Genesis Team May 30, 2019
Utopia(n) by De Novo Nutrition - Focus and Concentration Enhancer!

There are few statements truer than 'form over function.' This very ethos has cemented itself within the gym environment and never loses relevance. This has been acknowledged by De Novo Nutrition through its pre-workout 'Utopia(n).' This pre-workout is highly unique in that the mental state of training has become the key focus as opposed to solely pre-workout energy!

Utopia(n) by De Novo Nutrition - Focus and Concentration Enhancer!

Supplement review | May 30, 2019
Published by Genesis Team

What is Utopia(n) by De Novo Nutrition?

Steering away from more traditional pre-workouts that focus on outlandish helpings of stimulants, Utopia(n) opts for a predominantly cognitive approach, focusing on the user's mood in order to enhance the level of training. This innovative method has earned De Novo Nutrition a fiercely loyal following, so let's get a better understanding of what lies beneath!

How does Utopia(n) by De Novo Nutrition Work?

Utopia(n) relies on key ingredients working together to establish the all-important mind-muscle connection, a gym aspect that many choose to neglect (at their own peril)! A blend of stimulants and nutrients operate synergistically for this heightened focus. Some of these include Mucuna Pruriens, Citicoline and Caffeine Anhydrous. Focus and awareness, especially during weight training is a key factor in determining how effective each rep is!

What are the Benefits of Taking Utopia(n) by De Novo Nutrition?

  • Mix of high-quality stimulants and nutrients
  • Helps establish the mind muscle connection
  • Focus and awareness heightened
  • Improves energy levels
  • Enhances muscular performance

Our Thoughts:

The Genesis Nutrition Supplements Australia crew can't endorse this product highly enough! Utopia(n) really does establish a benchmark for pre-workouts. We especially appreciate that this product has been formulated to provide a premium alternative for those that prefer to focus on the cognitive side of weight training as opposed to loading up on stims. We must remember that the mind is just as, if not stronger than the body! Genesis recommended!

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