Virus by Outbreak | Pre-Workout Pathogen - Genesis Review! Written by Genesis Team Apr 16, 2019
Virus by Outbreak | Pre-Workout Pathogen - Genesis Review!

If you can survive the apocalypse, it's time to break out the maximum strength and power to keep you fighting through! Virus by Outbreak is an intense pump formula designed to maximise your gains with tunnel-vision focus, engorged veins and most importantly of all, extreme energy! This formula won't let you rest until you've absolutely smashed your session into the ground!

Genesis Review - Virus by Outbreak | Pre-Workout Pathogen

Supplement review | Apr 16, 2019
Published by Genesis Team
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What is Virus by Outbreak?

Virus is a stim lovers dream with potent NO boosters packed into the formula to create a huge blood rush and pumps to keep you lifting longer and stronger. You don't want to miss out on the extreme energy rush and increased vascularity that this Outbreak product can bring. Survive anything that your workouts can throw at you and make every moment count with Virus!

How does Virus by Outbreak work?

Make no mistake: Virus is based on some potent ingredients and you'd be a fool to miss this out of your workout stack. Expect powerful performance enhancers and NO boosters like Taurine, Theacrine, L-Theanine, Theobromine and Agmatine Sulfate alongside caffeine for an intense energy rush like nothing you've ever experienced. Consuming just one serving around 15 - 30 minutes before working out will have you tearing through those reps.

What are the benefits of taking Virus by Outbreak? 

  • Powerful energy boost
  • High-performance formula
  • Insane pumps
  • Laser focus
  • Lasting endurance

Our Thoughts:

Outbreak has really done it this time with an insanely powerful pump formula that keeps you fighting through that post-apocalyptic reality. The awesome pump formula contains an energy matrix like we've never seen before while hyper focus keeps you going even when the pain is almost too great to bear. It's a favourite among the Genesis team and we don't see it getting knocked off the top anytime soon!

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