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Training for muscle gain, power or just looking to look a little leaner but can’t seem to make any headway?


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Published by Genesis Team

Ever wonder why you’re not getting the results you desire?

Training for muscle gain, power or just looking to look a little leaner but can’t seem to make any headway?

The root of the problem may be your weight training program. Tailoring your training to your goal is essential in getting the desired results fast. Types of exercises, Set and Repetition numbers, Tempo or rest periods can all have an impact on how your body reacts and develops. Weight training has evolved far beyond the “Lift as much as you can no matter how ugly it looks” generation. Apart from looking awkward and like you’re going to explode, the risk of injury is very high to the uneducated. Also overtraining and fatigue comes into play as you are unaware what the right formula is for you. Weight lifting is individual and you should have a program to accommodate this. Too many fall into the trap of a Generic program they read in a magazine or got from a friend.

Sure you may be seeing results slowly but it would have been so much easier if you had tailored your program for your goal when you started. So what’s the solution?

Seeking the Right Advice

Seeking the help of a qualified personal trainer to construct your program is recommended. We do however suggest you consult with one who specializes in the sector of weight training your goals fall under. Many trainers have extra qualifications in separate disciplines so seek out their specific skills. From there a plan can be devised to help you attain your goals faster than you imagined as long as you are both determined and disciplined.

So what is the right program for you? You may want to know what your program will consist of and the benefits of training this way before you decide.

You’re Goal – What to expect

As previously mentioned training for a specific goal will require a tailored program to match it. Training for power/strength, Muscle growth (Hypertrophy) or leaning down all have elements that best match them. Yes, all of these sectors of weight training do cross over at times but to specifically train for one element requires to stay within its training boundaries for optimum results.

Power / Strength training

Getting strong is one thing, but getting powerful requires discipline and perseverance. Power is a combination of strength and speed.

Ultimately, training for power requires that you do exercises in which the speed of the exercise movement is relatively high, includes a load, and is executed with some explosive intent.

You can expect to be using the Olympic bars at your gym a lot.

The Olympic lifts - the clean and jerk and the snatch form the nucleus of many power programs. These compound exercises that work the entire body are usually performed with explosive intent. The load should be light enough so that you can move the bar through each repetition with speed and explosiveness. Many of the other exercises you will perform stem from the Clean and Jerk and Snatch movements

Expect 4-6 different exercises consisting of 3 sets per exercise with 4-6 repetitions per set performed. For optimum results training this way every 2-3 days is ideal.

Benefits that will come with a strength program include

  • Increased power
  • Muscle Gain
  • Increased speed

Excellent strength base for hypertrophy program if desired

Yes you will gain muscle whilst on a Power/Strength program. A program such as this is a great leaping pad onto a Hypertrophy phase as your base power and strength is high. Hence the more you can lift the more you can gain.

 Basic Guidelines for power training

  • Don't choose a weight that's too heavy. You need to be able to thrust the weight into position with explosive speed. Yet, the weight needs to be heavy enough to challenge you over a short series of repetitions.
  • You will need to rest between sets until fully recovered. That means about 3 to 5 minutes. Do not do the next set until you are fully recovered from the last.
  • Similarly, if at any time between repetitions you feel lacking in strength, take a break. 100% effort is required each rep for maximum results.

Muscle Growth (Hypertrophy) training

Muscle hypertrophy is a term for the growth and increase of the size of muscle cells. The most common type of muscular hypertrophy occurs as a result of lifting weights.

A good training program for maximum muscle growth should include a combination of both compound and isolation exercises. Beginners can begin with splitting days to upper and lower body for 2 sessions each per week. As a lifter becomes more advanced splitting body parts to specific days can be done. Anywhere from 4-6 days a week is acceptable depending on session length and body parts split.

Expect anywhere 6-10 exercises ranging from 3-6 sets with 6-15 repetitions for each exercise.

Muscle failure is not the ultimate goal with every set as the correct form under the right load will yield maximum results.

“DOMS” or Delayed onset muscle soreness will be a factor as you will be breaking down large amounts of muscle fibres in order to repair and ultimately grow them. Take the presence of it as a good sign that your program is testing you. As always Nutrition and Supplementation will play a major role in your result. Whey protein and BCAA’S are beyond essential in a hypertrophy based program. Not only will they help you build muscle but retain it. Genesis Nutrition recommends these two products be your bare minimum as you engage in any weight training program.

Any good program will have a lot of variation and a maximum length of 6-8 weeks. Your body is an amazing machine and it adapts to strains put onto it very quickly. This is why it is advised to start a new program regularly to keep the body guessing as your results will stagnate if you just do the same thing day in and day out.

The benefits of a Hypertrophy phase of training include

  • Increased muscle gain
  • Improved body composition (Muscle vs Fat) 
  • Increased energy and calorie burning potential

Getting Lean

Gone are the days of doing a large number of reps with a lightweight for getting shredded.

To get ultra-lean and show off all of your previous hard work the introduction of a lot more cardio and a stricter diet and smart use of supplementation will come into the equation.

Yes weight training will play a major part in getting to your final goal but diet and supplements will be the major contributor to your success.

Expect your weight program to range from 8-12 exercises of 3-5 sets with rep ranges anywhere from 15-25. Anywhere from 4-6 weight sessions per week is standard.

20-30 minutes of low impact cardio after every weight session is also strongly recommended as we look to burn those fat cells. Adding to this a 45-minute low-intensity walk in the morning on an empty stomach 5 times a week will contribute majorly to shedding that unwanted body fat.

The use of a thermogenic supplement prior to this walk will also fully maximize your gains. A product such as D-Fine 8 or Oxy Elite is perfect for this situation. Adding to the mixture L-Carnitine and you are really giving your body its best chance to burn fat.

BCAA’S will also be a major supplement you will require when training to get ultra-lean. The retention of hard-earned muscle will greatly be assisted if you consume it. You have earned that muscle the last thing you want to do lose it. Products like Xtend or Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition are perfect to sip on both during workouts and throughout the day to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue.

Diet will be a massive part of getting that lean look you require.

It’s no secret that bad foods will be out of the equation. As the saying goes “You have to eat clean to get lean”. Expect to consume a lot of Lean Protein, Fibrous Vegetables and good fats. The diet is where many individuals who are trying to lean right down get it wrong.

To help Genesis Meals was created. It takes the guesswork out of what a clean meal is. Genesis Nutrition staff can advise which options are best for you in your quest for that “six pack”. We understand how hard it is to diet and that’s why Genesis Meals are so convenient.

Ultimately getting to low body fat numbers is a tough proposition. However, consistency in training, diet and supplementation will get you there.  Be prepared for not only physical strain but mental also. Only you know if you are giving 100%

In Summary

No matter which pathway you decide to take getting the right advice first will assist you in getting there faster than could have imagined.

Dream big, train hard, be strict, eat well and the results will come.

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