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Everybody arrives at a new challenge with a certain amount of nerves and unanswered questions, and the two go hand in hand.


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All Cardio, All the time.

Everybody arrives at a new challenge with a certain amount of nerves and unanswered questions, and the two go hand in hand. If you want to relax the nerves than a little knowledge can go a long way. By making the decision to begin a new training regime, or reviving an old commitment to a healthier you, you are making the first critical step, but just like walking, if you don't keep making new strides, you will soon tip over.
Okay, so the first step was easy, or maybe it was just obvious, but from here it can get a little confusing. By exploring the common mistakes of fellow beginners, it can make the pathway a little easier to navigate. 
Common Work-out mistakes

  • All cardio, All the time
  • Counting Calories
  • Protein is for Boys
  • Too cool to sweat
  • Sit-ups for weight loss

Counting Calories.

Whilst not an altogether bad idea, counting calories without the right guidance will almost always impede results. The formula is not as simple as, fewer calories equals less belly. When training, it is important to be getting sufficient nutrition to fuel, recover and nourish the body and working muscles. For example, if you set yourself a 1500 calorie critical limit, and then slip up and consume the bulk of that by the last bite of breakfast, the best option is not to starve yourself the rest of the day.
Instead, the focus should be on calorie timing and balancing the calorie intake with calorie expenditure, that is, training. Also, consume quality calories, for example, 500 calories of steak and vegetables are obviously a lot better than 500 calories from cookies. Eating less is not always the answer.

Protein is for boys.

A common misconception is that consuming protein will lead to a bulky physique. The truth is that each and every one of us needs sufficient protein to live healthily, from birth until death our body makes use of proteins to sustain life. When it comes to the point of protein supplementation, the crucial element is easy absorption.  For working muscles to recover and regenerate from physical activity, we need to provide fast nourishment post exercise to achieve optimal results. 
By denying your working muscles of much-needed protein, either because you fear to bulk up or because you want to avoid any extra calories, you will certainly be impeding your results. Consuming around 30 grams of lean protein, (wpi or wpi/wpc blend) post workout, with added Glutamine and some essential fatty acids will reap fast rewards, allowing your body to fully recover and be ready for the next session.

Too Cool to Sweat.

It is an all to familiar sight to see women in the gym with neat and tidy hair, a full face of makeup and colour co-ordinated wardrobe, all without the slightest glisten of sweat. The idea is not to look good while working out, it is to look good because you worked out. Being self-conscious about breaking a sweat means you will not be reaching an intensity required for real change. Put simply, if you train inside your comfort zone, then your comfort zone will never expand. 
Getting results in the gym is all about intensity, pushing yourself beyond worrying about your hair or makeup. Instead, embrace the freedom and use your time in the gym as a liberation of sorts, to break social expectations and spend an hour all about self-improvement. Most women who have experience in training will tell you it is a great time to focus on yourself, forget about work, the house, family, the world. Train hard and get into "the Zone", just realise it is often outside of your "comfort zone".

Sit-ups for weight loss.

I can see the motivation behind doing hundreds of sit-ups to lose the belly fat, but doing sit-ups for weight loss will be a very long road. The simple fact is that sit-ups, whilst great to stimulate abdominal muscle growth and tone, are close to pointless if you are looking to reduce the bulge on the belly. Overall body fat percentage needs to be addressed if you are hoping to see a toned and flat stomach. In order to reduce the fat layer on top of the abdominals, you must follow a healthy diet and do your cardio. Training your abs 2-to-3 times per week maximum will ensure you'll have something sexy to look at once the fat has been reduced.
Sit-ups need not be completely avoided and on the bright side, all the gruelling sets of sit-ups you have already endured will eventually pay off, but for now, make sure they are just a part of an overall resistance training and cardio programme. You burn about .2 calories per sit-up for the average person. So in other words, 10 sit-ups burn 2 calories. This makes things immediately obvious that sit-ups, even in the hundreds are rather futile as far as caloric expenditure is concerned. So for now, if the only sit up you do is when you are picking your exhausted self up off the floor after a particularly intense session, then smile and congratulate yourself for training smarter, and harder.

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